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dipipanone and cyclizine tablets

Can anyone explain why, after the brand Diconal was discontinued, the price of the remaining generic (by Sovereign, although the tablets are exactly the same and still manufactured by Amdipharm!) is almost ten times the cost of the opriginal brand? Surely brand is always the more expensive option no matter what the drug concerned might be? ## Can anyone confirm or deny whether the cost of the South African brand of Dipipanone and cyclizine, WELLCONAL, has risen in price as has the UK tablet since DICONAL was discontinued and turned over to Sovereign as a generic? Can anyone tell me ANYTHING about the current state of the DIPIPANONE hydrochloride market? Which Chinese API manufacturers offer it, as it may well be far cheaper to buy the API than the criminally increased price of the UK ta...

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Cyclizine, the cure?

I've had this prescribed before but was on such heavy meds, clozapine and tranquillizers, etc, that I didn't notice its effects. Fast forward to years later and I'm only on thyroxine as I decided to come off psychiatric meds. I was given it by a GP three days ago as I have been vomiting every day for many years. I haven't been sick once. Plus I was extremely stressed out, neurotic you might say, and now I feel so usually calm. I was struggling so much I turned to class A drugs to get some relief. Never again. The comedown from narcotics is immense. I know it doesn't work for everyone, but for me, after only three days, I'm thinking, I might actually have a life and not an existence.

How long does cyclizine take to get out your system

How long does cyclizine usually take to get out the system? Only to a couple of pills ? ## I have been taking cyclizine and had some horrible side effects was just wondering has this happened to anyone else and if so how long after taking it till you felt better ? ## How long after taking cyclizine 50 mg can I have wine ## I have taken two , individual tablets twice before going to bed , even as they were prescribed 3 tim s a day, I have not taken the other two times, as I will be asleep at work. Can you please tell me when they are fully out of my blood stream, as they are making feel like I am a zombie. Can't concentrate properly. I think they are making nervous. I am yawning all the time . I just want to feel myself again. ## Yes I have terrible side effects after using Cyclizine...

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dipipanone cyclizine availability

I had a bad fall back in 1988, had 3 back ops and had to be put on diconal to help with pain so i could sleep, till 4 years ago when it all was changed by my doctor to dipipanone/cyclizine which I am told is the same as diconal. My stock of dipipaone has now gone down to my last box of 50 and my doctor says he can on longer give it to me on the NHS. So I am wanting to know about its availability elsewhere? ## I’ve been on dipipanone/cyclizine for 15 years and this week was taken off them and put on 40mg of sevredol sulphate and 150 mg cyclizine. This is not working and I’m now desperate to purchase these tablets so I can get my life back. I’ve went from being able to now being fully disabled in a week. Can you help me?

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Overdose effects of Cyclizine and Sertraline

My mate has overdosed on several Cyclizine 50mg tablets along with Sertraline! Does anyone know if he’s gonna be alright? Need to know ASAP. Thank you. ## How much of each has he taken? Anytime you are worried about the life and health of someone, you should seek emergency medical attention. The NIH does warn that one can overdose on any given medication, if they take too much. Symptoms of overdose may include severe nausea, severe dizziness, sedation, lowered blood pressure, lowered heart rate, possibly unconsciousness and death. Cyclizine contains Dimenhydrinate, it is often used to treat or prevent motion sickness, and vertigo.

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Can I use any supplements with my usual medication?

Hi I was hoping you might help me please, I currently take Adcal-D3 big white tablets that you chew x1 twice a day,Cyclizine 50mg tiny white tablets x1 three times a day,Gabapentin 300mg yellow or orange capsules x2 three times a day,Mebeverine 135mg white tablets sometimes round or torpedo shaped sorry can't think of a better way to describe it x1 three times a day,Mirtazapine 45mg white tablets x1 a day, Morphine Sulphate10mg/5ml Oral Solution liquid 5 to 20mls when needed can be used 4 hourly,Lactulose 3.1-3.7g/5ml Oral Solution 2.5 - 10ml once a day according to response its a thick clear liquid very sweet tasting,Pantoprazole 40mg gastro-resistant x1 twice a day yellow torpedo shaped small tablets,Paracetamol Caplets 500mg x2 four times a day,Zomorph 10mg modified release capsu...

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is cyclozine ok to take during pregnancy?

does anyone know whether it is safe to take cyclozine during pregnancy/ ## Cyclizine is an antihistamine used primarily to prevent or treat nausea. There are no reports of problems from using it while pregnant, but you should ask your doctor or pharmacist to be certain that it is safe. Is there anything else I can help you with?

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