Crescent Diazepam

Diaz Dave Says:

HI guys I'm looking for some advice on some 5mg diazepam I got rx filled in Glasgow.

Boxes of 28 crescent yellows - they seem like the real deal to me and when I googled them I came across a story about one of the trucks being robbed in Wales.

They just seem verry cheap! Going for pretty much the same as the fake activas yellows that are all over Glasgow but these are 10 x better IMO

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Diaz Dave Says:

I don't know how to post pictures but the tablets are stamped A -273 on one side with a sort of half moon shaped line on the other side.

Boxes have the brail and different cereal numbers ect but fake boxes are so good these days it's hard to tell.

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shell81 Says:

Best way to find out is by taste pal.... cheers.

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Alcapone3 Says:

I have been on these year's but now given these and like all new generics I always put them to the test by taking up to 8 or even 10, on this time I took 8, normally just 2, If these are real, then which I know I can't swear BUT!!! I can use B.S. It's time these and Co-Codamols stop getting switched for Placebos. I now am on a mission as to whom is taking who for a fool and making money off peoples health?? Company buying in or the chemist selling them??? This by no means is the end on this matter because taking 8 and no sign of nothing, someone's having a laugh and in my case, given my personal circumstances, and very long history of things, it's my life their playing with. same batch number, same half moon, it's like it's meant as a joking smile that we've been had. Why does this site not answer?? Clearly someone's being paid off as it seem's to me or using people like me who do need them as ginnie pigs, in my case you may as well put one bullet in a gun and play a game.

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emms79 Says:

I've got the same 5mg crescent diazepam in central Scotland.... they have the crescent stamp on one side....they dissolve right away just like genuine vz...these fake ones go all mushy in ur mouth...but usually when I take vz I get very active & ocd like. Lol but these have been making me lazy and not getting good sleep.

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shell81 Says:

I (luckily) managed to get my hands on 2 boxes of crescent 5mgs in Glasgow on Sunday (coz where I live theres nothing but the loose white d10s which in my humble opinion, are utter s****..kinda medicinal taste but defo not valium..knocked me out rather than lift me up like my usual val dunt..but the yellas i got are/were 100% real.. A score above 273 n crescent shape on the other side, all boxed stripped n brailled..I took 8 as a tester (moderate high tolerance) and they did turn to mush practically straight away but got a definite taste of Diaz.. I always find them to be the mushiest off all the generics and more lactosey than the activis and tevas etc..but wasn't worried n before too long felt that unmistakable glow behind my eyes n on my cheeks n I was happyyyyy.. ;) it defo is hard to tell between the boxes n u don't truly know what you've taken until your tasting it and know what you're lookin for...unless u have a a tester...but the taste of Valium is unmistakable... So I rely on taste, knowledge n common sense lol.. Always been lucky with any I've bought so far as never had a dodgy box (touch wood) from any I've bought boxed n stripped n without a chemist sticker from my area or from Glasgow... Bound to happen sooner or later especially wae the dry up in bits of Ayrshire... Ill have to rely on the white D10s n I have no idea what I'm taking with them as I just don't relate the taste to any thing n internet searches tell me different stories.. Sticking to just taking a few at night for sleep .. N btw even some of the fake street crescents n activis n teva are pretty good copies... Just depends on a few things like tolerance or what other things u take etc.... PS sorry for the massive essay, I seem to talk/write more when I'm glowing haha .. :)

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alim Says:

tolorance !! yes they r real i get them from the chemist on script

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hambob Says:

My mum was prescribed crescent vlm from a chemist and I had some yellow ones. They are mushy but not as good as actavis 10mg. I know straight away with the taste if they're ok..crescent vlm are weak... Roche, don't touch them cause the things r s***..

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Joker Says:

Ha ha you must've got good ones. I've got a few crescents n I dont feel f***. They taste like vs and came in strips.

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Nick Says:

Where can I fill a prescription for these ASAP? These are the tablets i've been trying to find everywhere.

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Thomas Says:

Yeah av been taking the crescent 5mg as well and they are better than the white 10mgs that are going around. Am from Glasgow and think they are definitely real. If not best ones around for a good while these days

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vod1 Says:

Hello all. Could anyone tell me why my box of diazepam 10 mg from crescent has a different expiration date on the strips to the date on the gsi scan code, and all? They have also changed the box color. It was red and white, but now it's brown and white. It now has a round green label with 10mg in it and it now looks like the same box as the 2 mg comes in (I.E. The same colour, but the round label is a different colour with 2 mg in the middle). Scanning, you can not scan the bar code with an ordinary barcode scanner. It has to be a gs1 scanner.

When you scan the code it will show as crescent pharma, overton, hampshire, rg25 3ed uk. At the end of the box you have a qr code. When I scanned this it showed centaur pharma india. Expiration date: 31/12/2018. The date on the strips and the box was 01/2019. There is something wrong here. These tablets are said to be uk based, but the qr code says its india, the bar code says its uk, and the dates and box are not right. So I am thinking to myself, have I got a box of mystery here? Can someone tell me why there are 2 dates or have you come across this?

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Cee Says:

Just got my prescription for the 1st time it was crescent 5mg with a273 with half moon and are not doing anything that the usual ones in blue boxes. I'm going to take them back to the doctor as this is unacceptable for a health service to provide patients with medication that doesn't work

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Graeme Says:

Re: Diaz Dave (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Everything you've said sounds right but yeah taste them .they should taste a little sweet and a little sour

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Graeme Says:

Re: emms79 (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

That's because they're full of etizolam a very strong benzodiazepine much stronger than just diazepam please be very careful. I've almost died twice with etizolam!!!!!!! Be safe

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Graeme Says:

Re: Alcapone3 (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

Couldn't agree more. Theres been more deaths in a year from counterfeit tablets vs other illicit drugs combined. It is definitely something needs to be done. But I back you 100%.

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