Cost Of Tussigon For Dogs

Gayle Says:

What is the cost for 20 Hydrocodone 5mg tabs (Tussigon)?

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David Says:

Hi Gayle,

I believe the price is going to vary somewhat depending on your location and which pharmacy you get it filled at. However a lot of the information I'm seeing on Tussigon leads me to believe that it will probably cost anywhere from $15 to $35 for a quantity of thirty 5mg/1.5mg tabs; depending on whether or not you utilize a prescription drug discount card like the one MedsChat offers here: Rx Savings Card.

I hope this helps! Does anyone else here have feedback on the cost from a recently filled prescription?

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Barbara Says:

Yes. I just paid $55.75 for 21 tablets of hydrocodone (Tussigon) 5 mg. At the vets office. Can I get cheaper anywhere else?

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Maltese Momma in Boise Idaho Says:

Re: Barbara (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

If you have a Rite Aide in your area - ask if they'll special order it for you. (I was paying $2.09 per pill from vet)

Hydrocodone-Homatrop 5-1.5 mg (45 pills for $41.99)

Good luck!

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Jen Says:

I'm paying $3 per pill through vet and I'm going broke ($60 for 20 pills that last 10 days) My dog will eventually need it 3x per day. Vet says they cannot write a written prescription, only dispense it, because it's a controlled substance. Any insight or help would be appreciated!

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Jen Says:

Re: Barbara (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

I am in California and just found out why my vet won't write a prescription for a controlled substance like Tussigon. CA vets must purchase SPECIAL PRESCRIPTION PADS or SPECIAL SOFTWARE to write prescriptions for controlled substances now. However, if vets choose not to purchase these things and only dispense controlled substances in-house, they just keep logs and report online (at no cost). When vets are making a 300% markup on medications, do you think they will purchase special prescription pads through licensed printers, or purchase new software? No! This new CA system created a disincentive for vets to write prescriptions for controlled substances, and instead to only dispense them at a handsome profit in-house. CA consumers are again on the wrong end of the deal!

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Frank Says:

Re: Jen (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

My vet just wrote me a prescription and I had it filled at Target (CVS). 30 tabs, generic to TUSSIGON... HYDROCODONE-HOMATROPINE 5-1.5... $28.

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esberney Says:

Re: Frank (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

With an Rx coupon, I paid $22 for 40 pills (5mg). Printed out a coupon today that allowed me to pay $18 for 30 pills.

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