Cosentyx And Weight Gain

John Says:

Anybody taking Cosentyx experienced weight gain?

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Verwon Says:

Hello, John! How are you?

As reported by the FDA, it is usually known to cause weight loss, as a side effect. You may also experience nausea, fever, headache and stuffy nose.

Can anyone else that's been on it chime in with their experiences?

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Debra Says:

Cosentyx gives me a full feeling with very little food and feels like it takes longer to digest. I am only on my 4th week of use. I am overweight and this is a positive, for now.

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Deedee Says:

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8 month user & over weight. Yes, Cosentyx causes weight loss. Less of an appetite, little food and you feel full. And...difficulty swallowing, indigestion, lethargy and hair loss.

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Danielle Says:

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I'm getting ready to start this medicine. I was just reading a forum where everyone said they gained 20lbs plus. But to hear hair loss? I'm getting nervous now

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SuzyQ Says:

I've been taking Cosentyx for 5 months now and have gained 10 pounds. My appetite has decreased, I often feel bloated and have cut my daily calories. I don't understand why I gained so much weight so quick.

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batty1 Says:

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Hi suzyQ.....Do you have thyroid problems? If not you might want to see doctor for "Complete" thyroid panel and have him/her check your (FreeT4,FT3,TSH,T3)

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Jcar8 Says:

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I am also having slowing digestion, constipation and weight gain, along with fatigue. I am only in the second month of use.

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