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Cortef 5 mg

I was recently prescribed 5 mg of Cortef and I have been prolonging going on it because of the potential weight gain. Can anyone give me any ideas to the side effects of going on such a low dose of Cortef? It would be greatly appreciated. ## I too started on a low dose, 5mgs last Friday. I have been on Isocort for 7 months...with some help, but causing cortisol to spike around noon. I am feeling quite nauseated right now on the Cortef. Have adrenal fatigue and other related health issues. Have you gained weight since taking in Septemeber? I do not think this dosage is enough... ## Cortef contains the active ingredient Hydrocortisone, and while the FDA does list possible weight gain as a side effect, it is not usually a severe amount for most people that experience it. Other side effects...

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I'm on cortef and loosing my hair!! Help! ## I increased my B12 (1000 mcg sublingual) and vita D drips to 8 drops (1000mg) daily. These are the only two vitamins that are supposed to be made by your body, but you will not be getting enough if you are sick or taking prescription drugs. I took magnesium and calcium citrate before bed in water, and increased avocados, whole grains, bull fat balkan yogurt, eggs, fish oil, raw nuts and raw greens daily. My hair stopped falling out and actually thickened and is stronger and shinier. I drink lots of roibois and green teas now. I hope this will work for you. My arthritis pain also seems to be gone. If it is too hard to eat all those vegetables, make soup with them with herbs and spices in a broth base. Purree them once softened enough and s...

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