Correction To My Initial Post

ConcernedAndNeedHelp Says:

I apologize. I need to correct a date.
I have been on Mobic since April 30. With Mobic, I noticed some relief immediately.

The only problem I have had from Mobic at all is stomach upset if I do not eat enough food when taking it. I have found that if I eat half a banana, take the Mobic pill, then eat the rest of the banana and then drink the required water I have zero stomach issues at all.

It has been a tremendous help, but I noticed most of the impact in the very beginning of starting the prescription. I am hopeful that, with time, it continues to improve my condition.

I am also hopeful that it may work in combination with Lyrica, but the side-effects worry me.

From what I have read of the experience of others, it seems that those who experience side effects so early on do not fare well.

I would greatly appreciate input from those of you who have experience with this medication or any of the medications that I am taking.

Thank you very much for your time. I appreciate it greatly.

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