Corepharma Adderall Has Improved


When I first tried the Corepharma generic Adderall IR back in 2007, I felt it was very, very weak.

Now..however...Feb 2013...the Corepharma seems (at least to me) to be better than it once was.

Two specific items I have noticed seem better:

1. Potency

2. The come-down is more even

Perhaps over the last 5+ years of getting complaints (I actually formally complained back in 2007), the company has actually taken proactive steps to improve their product. This, of course, is simply my opinion.

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It's possible, but it's also possible that it's just due to your body being more used to the medication now and adjusting to it easier.

It's always hard to say in such cases, because it's not like the manufacturer wants to publicly admit if there were problems before that they've had to correct.

It may even have been a very slight difference that they altered to bring it closer to the name brand in the amount of the active ingredient. Who's to know?

However, I am very glad that it's working better for you and I hope others experience such good luck, as well.

Does anyone have any questions or comments?

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im just wondering if the Corepharma Adderalls are actually amphetamine salts. please let me know because a lot of people are talking very badly about them.

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I got Corepharma for the first time a month ago. Worthless! I have to take at least double the amount I needed with the other generics (Teva, mostly). Because of my insurance company, I am forced to use Express Scripts (formerly Medco). They also sent me generic wellbutrin that smelled rancid. To go outside Express Scripts would cost a fortune.

I offer this advice to anyone using Express Scripts - Medco: you can ask your physician to write your prescription specifying a particular manufacturer of generic, and then the doctor must put DAW (dispense as written) in the box provided for that. This worked to get me Actavis bupropion instead of the rancid crap pills they originally dispensed.

I came to this board looking for recommendations on Adderall manufacturers other than Corepharma, partly because of today's NY Times article on all of the problems in the Indian pharmaceutical industry (contamination and instances where there was no active ingredients.) I was going to ask for Teva but I think they are made in India.

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I have been taking corepharma 20 mg salts for quite a while now, have noticed an "extreme" inconsistency in the toxicity when getting my refills, this last one has to be twice the potency if not more than the last couple

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I agree with the original poster... I was rejected from my 5-Year long Rite-Aid; "We do not fill RXs for that doctor..." (So then the last two-months were a simple-lapse??)--Anyways, I was forced to take it my local Kroger, whom do a piss-poor job at what I consider customer service... 1. Looking me in the eye/ 2. Just because it is a scheduled medication does NOT gives you the right to judge me... TO THE POINT: After waiting 4 days, I finally had to call up the pharmacy and ask what the status was, "Its profiled under waiting to be refilled..." :[[ After a few hours called back to see if anything changed, it was ready for pickup. When I opened the bottle, after being charged $64, 'Oh God No!! Not THESE!!' -- But -- They have come about as close as I imagine this pathetic manufacturer will ever succeed. *7.5 Out of 10...

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Back in 2012, the FDA sent Core what is called an official FDA Warning Letter.

To find it, google "Corepharma FDA Warning Letter"

It is --very interesting-- to read, talking about everything from "black specks" in one of their drugs, to drugs being produced under profoundly unsafe conditions. Everyone should take the time to google it, and read it.

Now... in 2014...I have noticed their Adderall IR is stronger (more efficacy) than it had, especially between the years of 2010-2013.

These FDA Warning letters are a --huge-- thing for big pharma, b/c contracts may very well be discontinued based on them,

For example, Walgreens (where I live) used to only carry Corepharma.

Now..... 2014....... they carry Teva.

My guess is Core lost their contract with Walgreens.

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Corepharma generic Adderall is actually made by Globalpharma which is the generic division of Impax Labs. Globalpharma also makes generic Adderall extended release. I had Corepharma Adderall a few months ago and although it is not very good the first 2 weeks, once you get used to the medication it is actually pretty good.

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I am looking for a doctor to perscribe me this Adderall medication... I live in Salisbury North Carolina and I am in desperate need of a good Doctor that understands I am raising 3 children on my own and I have no energy what so ever for these 3 precious lives nor for my own life... Someone help me please..

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Corepharma has discontinued production of Adderall. Although some pharmacies do have a back order and supply on stock to dispense, obviously this will not last long.

I feel that Teva is probably your best bet, much more potent than any other generic that I have found

People will talk about Sandoz. - they are weak...believe me!!

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Cora adderall always been my favorite. Where can i get them in brevard county floufs

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Corepharma is no longer being produced, but Sandoz is certainly widely available. In fact if you ask your doctor to make a note on your prescription to only dispense Sandoz, your pharmacy will order it for you.

Stay away from Teva, though. I've had to double my normal dose to feel anything on Teva, and even then it's not as strong as Core or Sandoz.

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Re: Ace (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

I had a similar problem myself years back before I finally was prescribed them. The advice I have for you is learn all you can about adhd itself. If you walk into a doctor's office and are specifically there looking for adderall then you will never get it. Which is dumb I do understand, however you need to look at it through the doctor's perspective. All he/she will see is another pill shopper. On the other hand, going into the appointment with real knowledge on adhd and reasons (that are legit) as to why you feel you would benefit from it, then I believe you will finally get what you need. I wish you all the luck...

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Re: rob (# 12) Expand Referenced Message

I have been on Core Pharma for many years. To me it is the best there is. I just tried Teva and got very ill effects, I felt like had drank 20 cups of coffee. Horrible. I have heard Impax lab has sold the salts to another company and they will be coming out with Core Pharma in April. I will have to look up the company name. I sure hope so.

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Re: dinhelga (# 13) Expand Referenced Message

I have a ton of knowledge on ADHD and Adderall....For the past 10-15 years I have read and talked to Drs. about this. The best for me has been corpharma...A company bought the salts and it is suppose to be coming out in April again. The company name is Epic..I have read this every where...So now it it a hurry up and wait.......

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Re: dinhelga (# 13) Expand Referenced Message

Please update if you find out. I'd really like my corepharma back

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Re: Cbourg (# 15) Expand Referenced Message

let me know if U find out anything also on corapharma thanks

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Re: dinhelga (# 16) Expand Referenced Message

I would be cautious with any optimism about the new CorePharma line of drugs. The former CorePharma, LLC was sold by Impax Labs in January 2018 to two private investors (see link below), one of which is named Arpit Patel. Mr. Patel will be the CEO, and he was a former head of quality assurance of Aurobindo Pharma, which made the garbage-quality, generic adderall from India.

All I can say is hope for the best, but expect the worst. It's sad when the FDA is not regulating or properly monitoring generic prescriptions coming from production overseas into the U.S. to be sold at cheaper prices.

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Re: JC68 (# 17) Expand Referenced Message

I was able to purchase 5mg of CorePharma this past week. 5/26/2018...So what U are saying is that these are made from the New Company...I believe they are rather weak, but I have never used the 5mg. Only the 20mg, which they did not have. So I took the 5mg, but have to take several pills to make up for the 20. Any other input I would really appreciate. Thank U.

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Re: Dinhelga (# 14) Expand Referenced Message

Not anymore now the company called Impax and said April, push to June and now July and now they merging with Amneal... i can't find any adderalls that works just like Corepharma

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After learning the corepharma Adderall was sold to epic, I called epic at the beginning of May 2018. They said they will be finished with the manufacturing process and it will be ready to be sent out to CVS pharmacies at the end of June 2018. Call your local CVS, they are the only pharmacies that have contracts with epic. The guy said they will be the exact same pills as corepharma, same color and everything.

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Does anyone know of any pharmacy in Central CA or even LA that dispenses these? Or indeed anything other than Teva or Aurobindo? Zenzedi is great, but at over ten dollars a pill, I can't afford to take it more than once a day and I need more coverage than 4 to 5 hrs.

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Re: Jo (# 21) Expand Referenced Message

You can't. Corepharma doesn't make them anymore. Epic is the company that makes them now.

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Where can I get pink Adderall made by Core Pharmaceutical company? I recently changed and can’t find them anywhere.

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