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Embolism in the eye

Hello, my dad is 76 years old and two months ago an embolism occurred to his right eye. The upper half of the right eye lost the vision in curtain form. He started hyperbaric oxygen therapy immediately after the embolus. After the oxygen therapy, he got positive results and the vision was almost %100 again. During the controls, nothing was found in the heart and brain,but there was %90 congestion in the left carotid and he had a carotid surgery. After surgery, embolus arised again to the same eye and he lost the vision of this eye again. Subsequently, all controls and hyperbaric oxygen therapy were repeated. At the moment right eye is almost completely blind and blurry. After the second embolus all the controls were repeated, they couldn’t find anything. Then we went to the hospital

Cause for sleeplessness

I have been taking Clopitorva 10 along with Cordarone X once a day each for AF I have also had Restyl 0.25 for about 10 days which was stopped subsequently. Now I find it difficult to get sleep or I get irregulr sleep. Now my question is whether Clopitorva or Cordarone are causing my sleep deprivation ?

Cordarone - Side effects

Hi my mom was recently advised Cordarone 150 - once daily. Its been about 1 month and she has been complaining of itching in the bottom half of her legs and arms. Is Cordarone likley to cause this? ## Cordarone contains the active ingredient Amiodarone, this is most commonly used to treat arrhythmia's and yes, it may be causing this problem because it has an effect on circulation. Learn more Cordarone details here. She should contact her doctor, there may some other medication she can try, or something she can use to relieve the itching. IS there anything else I can help with?

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Tellzy 40

On the advise of my doctor, I am taking the following medicines for the last three year- Nebistar 2.5 BD Tellzy 40 BD Lotensyl 10 BD Cordarone 100 OD Rosave 10 Bed time Deplatt A 75 Bed time Though my BP is remain noral between (120-110) & (80-70) and pulse in between 60-70, but now I am feeling weekness in walking. pain in legs and swelling on foot. Kindly advise me what shall I do ? ## For the last 10 days, my two little fingers of left hand have a little strength.

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wyeth 4188

pink, 200 on thebackside, makes a c shape around the outside of the pill ## The pill in description is a 200 mg Cordarone tablet; a generic for Amiodarone. To view information about this drug, please click on the link below... If you have any other questions or concerns, please post back and I will be happy to assist you.

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Anoion 200mg

I would like to know what drug company manufactures anoion? ## i would like to find out related drug information of Anoion 200mg. i would also like to know if this drug is a good replacement for Cordarone 200mg, an anti-arrythmia drug. ## Anoion 200mg is still amiodarone. The manufacturer is GX International Inc. awarded as the most outstanding pharmaceutical company in 2005 and 2007. GX International also markets the number one betablocker in the market today Neobloc also the no 4 ethical product nationally. As far as Anoion is concern GX International has shown that it is bioequivalent with cordarone the innovator drug.

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