Contrave And Motion Sickness

Robz Says:

Ok. I started contrave Sept 23rd 2017. So far I am happy with my weight loss. I'm losing about a pound a week and I'm ok with that. I've been on 4 pills a day since my 4th week. My side effects I've been a headaches, some nausea, but I'm having trouble with motion sickness. My headaches went away. Am I nausea never made me throw up. The nausea has gone away to except for the motion sickness . I was wondering if anyone else has had this to happen. I've always had some type of motion sickness when riding in the back seat of a car or amusement park rides. I now can't even be the passenger in the front seat. I have to be the driver. I even get sick strolling through the internet or the guide on my TV. I dont want to stop taking the contrave. Since it seems to be working for me. Thanks for any info.

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Verwon Says:

It has been known to cause nausea, and dizziness, as side effects, according to FDA reports, so that might be contributing, but there is really no way to say, until you have this checked out.

Has there been any change? Are you on any other medications?

Most side effects will go away, after about 4 to 5 weeks of being on one steady dose, as your body gets used to the medication.

Are you taking anything else?

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Olga Says:

I has the same motion sickness. It got worse the longer I took Contrave. To the point where I had to quit the Contrave, I just couldn't stand the motion sickness!

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