Constipation Remedies

shasha Says:

Hi. I am 23 and I am not getting motion regularly. I've been having this problem for 2-3 days and would like to know how to solve it?

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rani Says:

I've been experiencing constipation daily and I have pcod. Please give me your suggestion(s).

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Yuvi Says:

This link will help you to better understand the normal behavior of stool passing, constipation cases, etc:

Poop Health: Everything You Want to Know But Haven't Asked

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Khan Says:

My mother-in-law who is age 55 from Bangalore, has not had a bowel movement in 10 days. She's taken Dulcolax (2 tablets a day), for the last 5 days without any results. I also took her to the doctor and the doctor had given her cremeffin liquid & kaiyamchuran; yet still no results. Please advise me on what to do or if you have any tablet recommendations that may help with constipation.

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Karthika Says:

My daughter is 3.5 years old. She's only gone to the potty once in 3 days. She does not have any stomach pain. She eats normally. What should I do? Can I give Neopeptine syrup to my daughter for regular bowel movements?

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akhil Says:

I haven't been getting proper bowel movements for the last 9 days. There is what feels like a load on the upper part of my stomach. I have had a problem with hard stool ever since my childhood. Is there any solution you can recommend?

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