Constella For Constipation Causing Diverticulitis

Anxious Says:

I have been on Constella for 4 days. I take it in the AM 2 hours before eating. I know it is a no, no but I have just one cup of coffee and boom...I have diarrhea. However, it is mostly water without much substance...sorry for the graphics! It lasts for a few hours and then stops completely for the day. I do drink water all day and take a thermos with me when I go out. This repeats itself exactly for the next few days while taking it. I have no feeling of having to go after the diarrhea stops. I also take Restoralx (Miralax) every evening. Constipation has been a battle for me for years and years. I am a senior now. If this pattern persists I will call my doctor. Will this diarrhea taper off?

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Anxious Says:

Does the diarrhea ever tapper off? I spoke to the doctor and he reduced the dose to every other day. I am hoping that this Constella works because bowel surgery is next which is frightening. I was also told to take Metamucil instead of Miralax...Restoralax in Canada. I hate taking Metamucil so not happy about that. It's like eating slime if you don't keep stirring vigorously while drinking. One doctor recommends Restorlax and another Metamucil. Interested in hearing others experiences.

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marin 5 Says:

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get the orange flavored metamucil! It is easier to take! good luck!!

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VerFree Says:

The Metamucil is easier to take if you just drink it straight down, like someone would do a shot of alcohol, then it doesn't get a chance to congeal.

As to the bad diarrhea, it could be that the coffee is contributing to it, coffee is well known to cause people to have bowel movements, due to its natural ingredients, and action on the body.

That coupled with the fact that Constella can cause diarrhea, as a side effect according to FDA reports, and it could be that you've double whammied yourself.

How are you doing, now? Has there been any change?

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