Compound Takes 3 Plus Days To Deliver

Melanie Thomas Says:

Please explain to me why your company took at least 3 plus days to deliver the compounding base formula of Fentanyl to the pharmaceutical companies to prepare and deliver the product on time so that patients like myself and so,so, many others didn't have to suffer this past week. My appointment was changed by my doctor 3 times and my Interthecal Pain Pump had been alarming for 2 of those days. Even after starting my break through medication I still detoxed. When I finally was told my meds were in and to come in to the doctors office I was not alone everyone in the room was sick detoxing and all pumps were alarming.
I want answers. Because as far as I can tell this is your fault, I'm angry and I'm not the only one. There's no reason for your action!!!

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Verwon Says:

No, actually it's not our fault and has nothing to do with us. this site does not manufacture, nor provide any medications of any type, this is an information only website.

The proper people to complain to would be the manufacturers of the Fentanyl you are taking, which is a generic and is made by several companies.


Is there anything I can help with?

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NoMoFent Says:


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