Combitic Global Caplet Pvt Ltd Is This Company Legit? And Has Anybody Used Their Product Before?

shane Says:

Is this company and their product good? I filled a prescription for some metronidazole and they're sugar coated and have no markings but the packaging looks correct? A little iffy about taking them.

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David Says:

Hi Shane,

Based on my research, Combitic Global Caplet Private Limited does make themselves out to look like a legitimate manufacturer, with locations based in Haryana and New Delhi India.

They even list the following address on their webpage:


I can't say that they aren't who they claim they are (as I haven't tried any of their products)... but for being quote on quote "one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in India", I must admit that their webpage looks like pretty lousy.

I also find it hard to trust a company who doesn't label their pills with imprints for proper identification. And although other countries don't require imprints like they do here in the US... without that, it could literally be anything. That's one risk I wouldn't be willing to take unless you were able to have its contents analyzed by a lab.

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Richard Says:

When I last had Lansoprazole the packaging was shown as a product as prescribed by the local hospital but at a much cheaper price. When the goods arrived they were nothing like as advertised but from CombaticGlobal. I had no reason to suppose they were not as stated and so started taking them as prescribed. After 4 weeks I was suffering the same symptoms (Acid Reflux) prior to my original hospital visit 12 months previously. I cannot say the tabs supplied were not as described but since returning to the original the problems have now settled down and I do not have the reflux which the Combatic tabs did not control.

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john Says:

i have tried their viagra and it works but. But i would wonder about their antibiotics

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Ricket Says:

Did u ever figure out if your metronidazole was real or fake?!

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Colin Says:

I ordered Antibuse from this company is it OK too use and does it work

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Richie23 Says:

I recently bought some Celoxib (generic Celebrex) from Combitic Global Caplet. I have only taken a couple of days but they certainly contain an NSAID medication. I don't have any way to analyze that the NSAID is celebrex. The annoying thing is that I had to buy these because my new insurance denied coverage of generic Celebrex even though I had been taking it for years without issue fully covered by every other insurance company. He CGC version is incredibly cheap at about $0.40 per pill. At my default pharmacy they seem like $10 per pill. Something is wrong with this system! Hoping the pills are the real thing.

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Penny Says:

I ordered Motillium from what I thought was a Canadian Pharmacy (Maple leaf and all) then checked, not Canada at all but deepest China. They rang within an hour to say the order would be posted in 10 days. I ordered last Wednesday and received it today exactly 7 days, but it was from Combitic Global Caplet in New Delhi. That is 3 countries involved. The pills were just loose sheets blister packed no outer packaging, nothing to compare with what I am used to. I wouldn't know how to get them analyzed. There was an elaborate customs label on the front with a declaration of authenticity of the product and a signature. Unfortunately Motillium has just gone on prescription after being sold over the counter. Any advice?

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gary g Says:

I tried their doxycycline..I dont think it works..

But i did try their appears to be has same taste or almost the same taste as pills from CT

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PennyPincher Says:

They are legit. I filled a prescription for fluoxetine (prozac) or as they call it "frozac". The packaging is different but the product worked the same as I know how this medication works. I chuckled at the name of the product but actually makes more sense being called that then prozac. It works the same. Plus the price was cheap and only took a week to arrive so I will be a regular customer. No complaints here. I admit, I was thinking about noping out too but decided on giving them a try because it's a real good price. In this case the price was not too good to be true. I'm alive still, no bad reactions so I give them a thumbs up!

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Mpsm04 Says:

Does anyone know how to find out the inactive ingredients of a medicine from this manufacturer if you don't live in India ? Trying to find out for comneslone-5.

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Anthony Says:

I also just received Generic Prozac from Combitic Global... Packaging Looks Legit, tho no markings on capsules. The Medicine I received Is REAL. I came here looking for answers too. Different Laws in Different Countries. Mine came from China. So I'm assuming they buy from India also.

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Maggie Says:

HI penny, did you ever find out if your motilium was a fake? I just received the same product. I took some pills and am concerned they are fakes. Were you ok after taking them?

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MO Says:

If anyone was wondering about the metronidazole. I have taken it. It does work. But, it seems significantly less powerful than what I have received from a local pharmacy (500mg seems like just a bit more than a 250mg).

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Not sure Says:

Do Not Use these!! I ordered a antibiotic tetracycline I took 2 I feel horrible I don't know what I just took but I feel like I have been poisoned.

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PennyPincher Says:

Update: After trying the 10mg of prozac I tried out the 20mg of prozac. I have not had any anxieties since. Also my PMDD has gotten much better. Can't believe how great this works for it. I had no pain the past two months. This is a legit drug so this manufacturer must be legit.

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PennyPincher Says:

Update:I ordered prozac,not that.My meds work great.No problems here.

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Greg Says:

I took their DISULFIRAM or Antabuse and believe me it works. It is a drug to stop the body's processing of alcohol. Let's just say it's kind of hard to determine if it works or not. I thought it would be a good idea to evaluate it to ensure it worked. At first I rubbed a little bit of rum from an airline bottle on my skin and waited. Nothing happened, so I drank the shot and followed with a few beers. Within 30 minutes, my heart beat harder than it ever has. I got rashes all over my body, vomited twice, my face was more red than a strawberry and was in the fetal position in bed. Even alcohol smells different with it. The problem is, where I work I don't trust the anonymity of seeking a prescription and I can't remember where it works. The drug for me is a lifesaver. I have never been so clear headed in my life! I just cant find where to get it again.

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Marianne Says:

.i got some motillium. there was no outer packaging no directions and so far I havent dare take them. If anyone has please tell me if they work or not

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Yellowbird Says:

I bought the 400mg pink pills, they look iffy to me. You said you took the 500mg? What'd they look like?
Also, would you think taking 2 400mg a day would be sufficient?

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penny Says:

Received blister packs of motiilium with no outer packaging or directions. I have not taken any.Has anyone else/

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