Combination Of Glovit-cal And Absolut 3g

Sun Says:

Can I take Glovit-Cal and Absolut 3G tablets daily or should I instead take Supradyn? The first 2 do not have Vitamin A.

Or should I take Absolut one day and the next day take Supradyn to have the elements from both?

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vv Says:

Can you please advise what Absolut 3g is taken for?

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Sue Says:

I take Atenolol 50 mg and Norvase 5 mg a I ran out of Atenolol and have to work 6am to 6pm a few more days till I get a day off to see my Dr for a renewed prescription. What should I do? Could I just take Norvase 5 mg in the morning and evening? Would it be ok?

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