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roxanne Says:

bright blue oval shaped with a score on one side and a squiggle a circle and another squiggle are they zopiclone

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Verwon Says:

That's a very vague description, so I am not certain. I'm assuming it's some type of logo.

Where are they from? Do you know the country of origin, or manufacturer name?


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saffron Says:

they were from pharmastores sent from egypt but thats all i know as they have been very vague with a reply

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Linda jones Says:

I ordered zopiclone from pharmastores and don't know what they sent. Blue oval tab score on one side and squiggle on other but not zopiclone. Anyone else had this problem?

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Tophet Says:

I just got exactly the same. To scared to take them as I have always got the white ones before. Tried to google them but could find nothing.

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Tophet Says:

Do you know for a fact that they are not Zopiclone? Have you taken one. I have emailed the company to get assurance that these are real, but like you they are very vague. Please reply if you have any more information. thx

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Tobyobieshinobe Says:

I am in the same boat,
These don't seem to work or have any effect.... Is everyone else finding them a bit weird?

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Tophet Says:

I still haven't taken them, but emailed the company and they said they would never send out fake meds. But interestingly they would not mention the meds name in any of my emails

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benjie Says:

Re: Linda jones (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

if its the ones that say ZOP on the packet Blue and 10 in the strip ive had them afew times dont seem to work aswell as the normal ones but they do seem to have a slight sedative affect

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