Clopitab 75 Mg Uses

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My Dr. advised this tab. What purpose is it for? My blood pressure is 90-140. Is it is for that purpose?

There is also a swelling on the upper side of my right leg.

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AZ Says:

Clopitab is used to prevent strokes and heart attacks in patients at risk for these problems. It works by helping to prevent harmful blood clots that may cause heart attacks or strokes.

Swelling is a serious side effect of the drug and you should call your doctor immediately.

Here is a link to more info on Clopitab (clopidogrel).


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Swaminathan Says:

My mother 84, suffering from TIA. today is the second time she got it after a gap of 2 days. She is a heart patiant already taking cloplet everyday. any prevention ??? please

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Ratan Shukla Says:

i m 35 year old ,i m dibetic for last 7 year,I have PTCA on 24 jun 2009,my medicine are (in morning)Dipride forte(OD),clopitab 75(OD),cartege2.5 and at Night aspirin 150,Metlor(TolarXR50), TG-TOR 20,my sugar level is 140 and 90 P.P,B.P 140/85,wight 78 kg,My Problem is i have diprece energy less at 4P:m to 7P:M.does any having probelm with clopitab . why is it happening? or should he have it in breakfast or night? plz do reply

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ayub Says:

am ayub 45 m,i have varicose veins of right lower(leg)limb with superficial thrombophelebhits

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pallavi Says:

hi my dad is using clopital75mg and homicheck from past 6 months.after taking thses tablets his hemoblobin is 7 and had ulser and internal bleeding and his stools is also blood pls suggest

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Ranju Says:

My mom diabetic for 20+ yrs. Her recent TMT test showed positive. She has no chest pain or any other symptoms.All other tests are OK. She walks and excercises atleast 4-5 times a week.
Cardiologist changed her Heart Medicine from Clopitab 75 to Clopitab A (75+150).Like to know the difference between Clopitab and Clopitab 75 and Clopitab A (75+150). In what way is Cloptab A (75+150) better than Clopitab.
She is also taking Rozavel 10 for cholesterol. ( Her cholesterol was marginally high abt 6-7 mths ago) . It is fine now.
Cardio has changed her BP medicine from Amlong AT (5/50) and Losacar 50 TO Telma AM (40+5) and added Betaloc 50
Her BP is undercontrol and is currently at 130/65 ( what is the lower acceptable BP limit)

Do you think she really needs Betaloc 50 ( as she is diabetic there could be a chance for blocked arteries though not confirmed unless we do an angio) and change from Clopitab 75 to Clopitab A(75+150)
She is also taking the foll for Diabetics
Galvus 50 (1-0-0)
Cetapin XR 500 (1-1-1)
Humolog mix 50 needles (16-0-8) - Insulin.
Also had read that Betaloc is know to precipitate diabetics.
Appreciate help on whether she is on right medication. I am not keen that she takes too many medicines.

Thanks N Regards

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sudhir seth Says:

hello, I am Sudhir Seth, Male-49, FRom Mumbai-India, ON )1st july i was Diagonosed with Bells Palsy (paralysis of the face) due to my HIgh BP-180/110. For 2 days i was on AMLIP 10, Atorbest10, And Ramipril-10. Was told to get tests done BP is now 148/100, no diabetes, cholesterol alright, ECG-wNL, but in Brain MRI-Its CEreBral INfarct, now I am on ADDITIONAL MEdicineby our family doctor. I.e---Clopitab A 75 WIll I bE ALright? ANY DOCTOR please reply and ADvise thaNK YOU IN Anticipation.

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jayasree Says:

neckpain,pain onthe back of head,dullness

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n gurumurthy Says:

I want to know about the difference between clopitab75mg and clopitab- A aspirin 75mg . is there any serious condition of patient. please let me know about this.

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amita Says:

yes that medicine is good bcoz my dad is also suffering from same disease . u can contact me on my gmail id that is

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zakia Says:

my mother is 49 years old, she is a diabetic since last 2 years... recently she was hospitalized due to heart attack, doctors saying it was a minor attack, but as she is a diabetic there might be a chances of blockage,even her left hand was paining from shoulder. and they said she is suffering from depression and anxiety.
medicine they have advised her is,
In morning- Diamicran, Imdur, Lesuride, Happi.
In afternoon- Gemcal, Menopace.
In night- Clopiotab, Atorva, Flavedon, Rexipra, Clonotril.

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zakia Says:

i have given you the details please answer me that is there any serious problem? how long she has to continue the medicines such as clopitab, atorva, imdur, and that anti-depression medicines rexipra and clonotril.
Is there any side effects of rexipra and clonotril.

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suryanarayana Says:

I am Heart Patient last one year, Dr advised to take Clopitab 150, 2nd visit he advised to take clopitab A 75, 4th visit he advised to take clopitab 75, and 6th visit again he advised to take copitab A 75, Present i am taking Clopitab A 75 after lunch. May I know why Dr is changing the dose.

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BSridhar Says:

my dad has a stroke in brain and also got stented . after taking clopitab he is bleeding in motion then doctors advised to go for colonoscopy...

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vijay Says:

i am diabetic from 4 years i am glimsave m1 morning and everning. aswell i am using human acrapid 22 in the morning and afternoon.clopitop75 afternoon.
in the evening i am using lantus 22 units and my blood sugar levels are un even like 225 fasting and 275 post lunch can u please suggest me what is the right dosage

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navin Says:

My father is a heart patient he is taking clopitap-75 every morning.from past 2 years he is suffering from pancreaticis (enlargement of pancreas) is it is because of clopitap reply me

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Harish Says:

I am 55. Have had two heart attacks in 2004. Angioplasty carried out. 2 stents inserted. 3 times TIA, the last on 08.02.2014. no major damage. Diabetic. I am also on the following medications:

Telma 80 1-0
Atorva 40 1-0
Clopitab 75 1-0
Glycomet 850 1-1
Duzella M30 1-0
Metolar XR 1-0

Want to know wheher these are the right medications for my case

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lina Says:

recently I had palpitation for almost 3 hrs with heaviness in left side of the chest n BP 150/90. now Dr started me on clopitab 75, Razel 40, Flavedon mr n nebicard 2.5 blood sugar is normal. now after all these tablets i m having puffiness of face

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Sachin Says:

Consider having a look at the videos linked below, as they provide information on how to maintain a safe and healthy life:



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balaiah sandyapakula Says:

please tell me the drugs used in myocardial infarction and peptic ulcer and he has shortness of breath

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