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Michael Says:

I just started taking Clonidne, twice a day,and the Doctor said not to skip a dose,is supposed to be for High Blood Pressure, but all is doing to me is getting me drugged out, tired, sleepy, headache. I'm calling my Doctor tomorrow,so she take me off this medicine.

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Duchess Says:

I just started taking this med about two weeks ago and am experiencing the same side effects. Will they go away after a while of should I consult my doc to stop the med

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gail Says:

I just started about a week ago and have literally slept for the past 24 hours...I work 2 jobs and have never had a problem with going the whole day other than being really tired at end of day(normal I would say) but i can not even get out of bed...

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mark Says:

i've been on clodinine for 2 weeks, i have .01 mg pills
i take 1/2 a pill 3 x daily. i'm exhausted, feel like this should be used for a sleeping pill

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Andre Says:

I've been taking it for about 3 years. It keeps me lathergic for about 2 hours after it onsets. I often find it hard to work. But it does exceptionally well for my blood pressure

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birdie in the tree Says:

many people i know use it to sleep they didnt even know it was for high blood presure.

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Steve Says:

Some of the drowsiness will wear off in a couple weeks, but it will never fully go away. After being on it for 3 years for physical symptoms of anxiety it still makes me tired. I just took 0.1 mg's a little while ago and could fall asleep as I type this. Works great for intended purpose and off-lable purposes as well. As far as I know, all BP meds will cause drowsiness. Clonidine just seems to be on the extreme side.

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james Weigand Says:

Hi my name is Jim and I was put on Clonidine two days ago for I guess withdrawl symtems from pain meds. I am raising a 3 year old daughter and have had the worst experience trying to not fill sedated, groggy, loppy no energy at all. I am calling doctor tomorrow and telling him i am done taking this product. Could you emagine if i fell the sleep and my daughter got hurt, i would never foregive myself. And to put it lightly i would sue the crap out of my care physician.

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Nora Says:

I am on Clonidine HCL 0.2 mg. a day. It does make me tired at times, but before I had a lot of anxiety and it works good for that even though I am on other meds for anxiety. It is the only medication that loweres my blood pressure and I been on a lot of B/p meds. For me the generic Mylan brand works best. I was on the Actavis brand for awhile and it made me feel weird.

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Rissa Says:

Hi all, my husband is taking Clondine for his very high blood pressure. While it is effective in lowering his blood pressure his drowsiness was extreme and he could barely function at work after taking his morning dose. As a result he started skipping his morning dose and only taking one at night, which I don't recommend. If you have just been prescribed this medication your provider likely prescribed you the lower end of the dosing range and if you are only taking half of what your are prescribed and you accidentally forget to take one at night (which my husband often does) you are really missing THREE doses!! This medication is very effective for most people and so I would strongly suggest trying a few things before completely giving up on Clondine, and not just because of the rebound hypertension. As a nurse, I would instead suggest TALKING TO YOUR DOCTOR about this option, taking your doses only when it is ok to go to sleep. Perhaps when you get home from work and then again right before you go to bed (if your schedule allows) or taking both doses before bed, if the amount of medication would still be within a safe range, or taking your medication in 4 doses rather than 2. For most people the drowsiness goes away with time, as your body gets use to the medication you may be able to take one of your doses earlier and earlier so you can eventually get back to a morning and night regimen. Hope this helps!

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Nora Says:

I have been on Clonidine 0.2 mg now for over a month. I take 2 in a 24 hour period. I take 1/2 at 9 in the morning and another half at 3 in the evening and another half at 9 at night and another at 3 in the morning. It controls my B/P and also helps with my anxiety. The Actavas generic brand made me feel bad, but I was able to get back on the Mylan generic which is a lot better. It still makes me a little sleepy, but not as bad during the day as it did when I first started taking it. It still makes my mouth dry at times. This is the ONLY B/P med that has lowered my blood pressure so I will stay with it. My B/P used to go to 210/113. It is lower now, but still higher then I would like so I will see if my doctor will raise the dose at next visit.

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susu Says:

Hmm. I was just changed from the Mylan brand to the Activis brand two days ago and have been having to use an alarm to wake me up in the morning. Previous to changing, I hardly slept at all during the night. Am I to assume that the change of brand has change my sleep pattern?

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Nora Says:

It gets better after time. The Actavis brand makes me feel a lot more tired. I take the Mylan brand now and feel a lot better. I still get dry mouth and it does make me sleepy which is good at night, but when I take it during the day I get sleepy for around an hour and the sleepiness wears off. If it is controlling your B/P or whatever you are taking it for just give it some time.

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Nora Says:

Sush, The Activas brand does make you a lot more tired. It made me feel wore out all day long. You might like it better though seeing you are able to sleep better on it. I still sleep with the Mylan brand which I like better, but as for sleep I take Lunesta. Those two different brands of Clonidine are a lot different and will affect your sleep patterns. Now that you have taken both like I have you will have to decide which one you like best. The Activas just made me feel crappy.

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dunsford Says:

clonidine not only lowers BP but also inhibits the chemicals that come out of your adrenal gland. what gives you the 'figh or flight' feeling. i think thats why everyone is so fatigued on it. i have heard it is an agonist for that which pretty much stops it dead in its on clonidine and valium since withdrawing from suboxone i got 2 hours of sleep if i was LUCKY. now sleep is not a problem. maybe too much of a problem. force yourself to exercise a bit. cardio helps..i know its so hard to get moving but once you do it gets better. but check with your doc first. i dont have high bp. im going thru opiate wd as well so its pretty different

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Patty bee Says:

I have been on Clonidine for two weeks. My doctor put me on it for hot flashes and anxiety. It makes me so tired that I feel like I could sleep anywhere! I just looked at my bottle and I'm on the Actovis brand. I'm going to have to try the Mylan brand because I can't stand this drugged out feeling.

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David Says:

When people are first put on Clonadine it can make you feel tired or a tiny bit spacy like you are drunk (buzzed) but your body should get used to this and adjust after a couple weeks. I was put on both Clonadine and Hydroxyzine last year and for the first few weeks I felt tired but it was a lot better than dealing with the high BP. It sort of bothered me at first feeling fatigue but I think that because we are so used to our high blood pressure that lowering it just a tiny bit in a quick way isn't something we are used to at first. I have to say that I am glad I stuck with Clonadine and am now used to it. Well actually it's so much getting used to it as the initial side effects have gone.

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DCcc Says:

I wish. I still can't sleep. The first day I took it, I fell asleep for two hours. I'm not taking it for sleep, but at night, it would be a nice bonus.

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Oliver Says:

Andre, I am on the clonidine 01mg patch. I didn't want to go on it , but I am allergic or at least reactive to all statins, and beta blockers literally knock me out, and the latest are ace inhibitors that I've been taking for several years. I was switched to lisinopril because the VA pharmacy discontinued enalapril. Lisinopril was a disaster. Finally two doctors at the ER (after five months) put me on the patch. It does the job and I have gone through the side effects of being tired on and off all day, insomnia and dry mouth. Now I am living a normal life and clonidine is my ONLY medication except eye drops. I am sincerely concerned that my body will adjust and demand a larger mg of clonidine so I have decided after reading some of the horror stories that if that happens, I will either find a supplement to clonidine or go with the high blood pressure come what may. I've been looking for accounts of folks who have been on clonidine for years so I will know what to expect. If I lost my supply of the patch and have the rebound, I don't think I'll survive and I'm not kidding.
My experience with all the personal care people is that they mean well but simply don't know what they are talking about. I hate being on an addictive medication like clonidine, but I didn't have much choice and at my age, what the h**l I don't have all that much time left anyway.

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Kathleen Says:

People in nursing field have rarely disappointed me. You are the first person to shine some logical light on this Clonidine " sleepy " problem. Going to see a cardiologist next we'll see how she stacks up against. You may come up neck oto neck. Thank you nurse.

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