Clonazepam How Long Does It Take To Start Working


I am trying to find out how long it takes Clonazepam to get working in your body

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Paul Mason Says:

I Have been taking Klonipin..generic is Clonazepam for 15 years i dont want to kill myself and i dont want to harm others and its not made me depressed infact it makes me feel normal as i use to its helped my anxiety and my depression and violet i cant see why it made your mother this way no explanation i know plenty of people who use this drug for anxiety ....not once have i heard it do anyone this way ...the true thing is yes they are very hard to get off of once you are on them never just quit taking them it will make you withdraw if you need to quit them then taper off of them...dont just quit far as violets mothers situation i dont understand this unless she had a side effect unknown to Doctors....but to answer your question you will feel the drug in 15 to 30 minutes and if its the first time you have takin it it will make you very sleepy...about a month it will become normal to you and your body's tolerance but if you have no anxiety i would not start taking it its in the same drug field as Xnax but it last longer....its also been called a date rape drug ....mixed with alchohol it intensifies causing a person to just pass out or not know what they are doing its a tranqualizer.

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Verwon Says:

Sometimes people forget that not all drugs effect everyone exactly the same. What doesn't work or causes bad effects for one person, can work wonderfully for another person.

To hit a therapeutic effect in the body takes approximately two weeks, and then as Paul stated, about a month for the side effects to start to wear off.

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dilho Says:

clonaazepam is a weird drug , and for myself it was giving to me for seizure's my dr. advised myself... I use too take xanax up to 6 mg's per day , which my dr took myself off slowly ... tapered off. as like I typed Clonazepam is a very weird 1 mg x's 2 daily = 2 mg's a day , seem's too make my feel like IM HIGH ( only If I drink alchol with it ... And that is a no no , it state's on the bottle , do not drink while taking this medication ... and im no DR by far , But please do not mix xanax with clonazepam ... That's my opion , and we all have opion's ... And everyone's body is diffrent ... as typed , IM NO DR , just typing what it has almost done too myself = weird feeling , and panic .. anxiety got worse for me ... Never have heard of CLONAZEPAM BEING A DATE RAPE DRUG ... AND I HAVE DONE ALOT OF RESEARCH ON CLONAZEPAM ... MY OPION ... NO AGAIN , IM NO DR OR MD...

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Ron Says:

I am taking Klonopin for 8 yrs, it hits peak plasma amts in blood in 1-2hrs and lasts for about 4 hrs. Note: there are very very different effects when taking the generic clonazepam- most all are like taking a sugar pill,or a very weak version......the BESTgeneric and the only one to buy is by Activis. Just go to a local pharm and ask them to order it for you. Good luck

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Ron Says:

Hi. I have been taking clonazepam for 7 yrs. it's VERY important to get the best generic version and that is Activis. Only get this brand it works better than the brand. The 1mg pill is yellow, says R34 on one side and scored on the other. It takes about 30-45 minutes to take effect. Peak blood levels are 1-2 hr point. Should last up to 4hrs. Good luck

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Steve Says:

I take 1.5 mg of klonopin. Should I chew them or swallow them??

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goldmouse Says:

Taking clonazapm for three weeks terrible side effects. Agitation,nausea,dizziness,leg pain. Don't want to. Continue. I did not hear any of these complaints from anyone else. I exercise everyday. I am 66

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Debbie Says:

I have been on klonopin for 2 years now and I'm currently trying to get off of it with the help of my Dr. I was given a different generic brand one time and it messed me up. I can ONLY take Activis! The other was like I never took it.

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Renhae Says:

i have had 4 major back surgeries. 3 of them were bone replacement with titanium plates. 1 lumbar, 2 cervical with 5 levels. 4th. surgery was a tumor formed in my spinal sack. a tumor was wrapped around a nerve. that was no fun at all. then got infection on incesion. 5 weeks of strong antibodics no fun either. i try to be tough & just take tramadiol. i can't sleep for the pain, up & down all nite. need to sleep to recoup & rest this weary body. will klonopin help me? i an just about to stumble & fall.

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Cristina Says:

For Dinu, and the others asking how this can be a date rape drug, I learned that ugly truth way before I was actually prescribed it myself. When I was in college a friend was given a couple tablets at a party and she was also drinking, she was told they were Molly, and passed out shortly thereafter. She awoke the next day to find herself in a state of being half dressed and groggy and thought something might have happened to her, so she went to the hospital to be examined. Blood work and a rape kit both confirmed her worst fears. She had indeed been raped but anally instead of vaginally. When she asked the doctors how she couldn't feel such a thing happening to her, she was told these relax all the muscles in your body while passed out, thus bypassing the actual pain factor you get when all tensed up. So I highly suggest you stick to the no alcohol rule when taking clonazepam.

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angela Says:

iam taking 4mg four times a day of clonazepam because i suffer with extremeley bad anxiety i have been taking them for two days. Will they help as iam suffering

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Melissa Says:

Klonopin normally makes you sleepy. It calms your nerves, relaxes you, and makes you go to sleep easier

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Helper Says:

Of course she will feel pain even if asleep because drugged or to drugged to fight back. Her brain and body will know while and after! she will always know!!!.Rape and serial assault victims of Any Kind have severe traumatic feelings, anxiety, trust issues, depression as any other rape victim or victim of any kind of serial assault.

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Patty Says:

I agree completely, I was clonazepam for 16 years, I made my life livable. It was my miracle drug, recently again my will, I was taken off off. Now I am back to the panic attacks and all the misery that goes with that. I hate not having my clonazepam. I feel like I have aged 10 yrs, and I am gaining unwanted wait because I stress eat. I would like to find a doctor that will prescribe it back to me. Life sucks without it.

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Claire Says:

What's paxam like instead of rivitril. I really thought generics had to be the same...silly me hey..

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Verwon Says:


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angie Says:

Yes I know how you feel but i have been on this medication for 6 years and thank god for the persistents off my doctor i have stopped taking them after two months. No tablet can take away the anxiety but lke me you can and will lead a normal life which once again i am doing and enjoying every moment off life again.

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Roxanne56 Says:

Not for me. The best generic klonopim is the blue 1mg.with a,B imprint. Octavia? I've been on them for 20yrs. These work the best for me!!

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Graham Says:

Yes it will help but only take it for a short. Of time and take the lowest dose possible that's still achieves desired effect

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Colleyte Says:

I have severe muscle distonia my injections have stopped working i was on 1ml.of a morning and night but had 80 ml of propanol 40 morn and night i m finding propanol is too much pain i have been put on 2ml of a morning and night clonazapem and took of propanol i ve had severe muscle distonia in my kneck for 8 yrs i was on 2ml clonazapem morn and night found it really good as i was 1st diagnosed but can t remember how long it lasts the affects i am struggling as i m finding its only lasting 4 6 hrs but sure it lasted longer last time more like 8 hrs a dose does it build up

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