Clonazepam From India Cyril

paradox Says:

I got my 2 mg onapil prescription filled from cyril pharma india. Are they fake?

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Verwon Says:

They list it as being Clonazepam, but since it isn't available in the U.S. and listed in the FDA databases, it's going to be difficult to verify if that's what you've received. This is just one of the hazards of ordering from non-approved foreign sources.


Are there any markings or logos on the tablets?

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Zoom Says:

No. Big pill chalk like taste with a hint of mint. I have taken 20mg 3 days in a row and I have slept well. No withdraw either. No negative effects so far. Maybe real just weak.

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JMRU Says:

Yeah, I got some "clonazepam" from Cyril. There in one of those wrapped packs, no markings kinda roundish. I haven't opened mine, have you? anything on the back?
The contact called the day I got them, coincidence?
Anyway I had also got some 10mg Valium and I knew right away they weren't good. So I b****ed and he promised others (real) will be here tomorrow. We shall see.
Also got Librium and there the real thing.

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sunflower Says:

There real just weaker

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chimney Says:

They are not fake just really weak (about 0.5 mg) however one of the fillers is drywall so enjoy

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Linda Says:

rcvd onapil-2 (supposed to be clonazapam) Looked up Cyril on line - no listing. These pills are small white and chalky. No markings of any kind. Sorry I wasted my money, will not take these pills.

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Jay4realz1 Says:

Swim recently received some of the same brand and he has in the past several years but swim did say this time they were VERY weak as if there were hardly to no active ingredients in them. Swim said He would never waste his hard earned money on them Ever again. I hope this helps.

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Jay4realz1 Says:

Swim has recently received some Onapil 2mg and they had zero clonazepam taste and made swim feel like he was on some very weird antipsychotic mixed with a strange downer. Swim noticed there was zero euphoria from them But last year he ordered the same ones several times from a different source and not only were they very good but tasted like the minty clonazepam taste so you take a gamble because swim heard from a valid source that the people in India were using plaster and drywall and God knows what else. Swim says if you take one, chew it and if there isn't a pleasant minty taste than get rid of them!

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Wildflower Says:

I took these cyril clonazapam yesterday & i ve been on benzo's for 20 yrs & they actually are real i was so shocked but they are a little weak maby only 1mg instead of 2 but thats ok my docter cut me off because im on methadone for 14 yrs.just horrible.

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Jayjay Says:

Hi, just to tell u I get the 2 mg ones on script here in uk made by roche as those auden mkenzie ones are s***. The roche ones have a little minty taste and the auden dont. Cant beat roche.

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Jayjay Says:

Just like to know why india, its a bit far,or were u on holiday or living there

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Brently Says:

I got the green ones from same pharmacy but different manufacturers last was like clozam 2 from consent they were good these don't look as good

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Barbie 616 Says:

Re: Jayjay (# 10) Expand Referenced Message

Roche is the Brand name for Klonapin. Probably the best.

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Gabriel Says:

Re: JMRU (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

What doctor and their contact please?

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