Clinics Or Doctors That Will Prescribe Pain Meds In Texas?

Kat Says:

Clinics or doctors that will prescribe pain meds in Texas? My doctor retired and I'm having a hard time finding a doctor or clinic. If someone could please help me!? Thank you.

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Bud Says:

I have lived in Texas for 15 years. I lost both of my legs, 1 of them 6 years ago, the other 3 years ago. My doctor is great. I was on 180 30 mg. I got off them 1 year ago but I know how it feels to be in pain. I know 2 or 3 pain doctors that are great, they are not pill pushers. If you have proof they will help you. So if anyone out there is in pain and lives in texas or can get here, they will help you.

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Marivel Esquivel Says:

Looking for a Pain Management program in San Antonio, Texas area that will prescribe me pain medications for my injuries when i got hit by a vehicle while I was walking . Which pulled out my nerves from my spine to my right arm , and left my arm paralyzed, with a metal plate and a rod in my right leg with screws in my right ankle. I'm constantly in pain 24/7 please help me.

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Cathy Says:

Doctor Fernando Avila.
On St. Mary's downtown. He is a very intelligent and caring doctor. Not pill pusher. Tries very hard to get you fixed up. He knows if really in pain

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bud Says:

I know at least 5 pain Doctors but they are in Allen Plano and Mckenny Texas

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Babrad69 Says:

I'm in serious pain. Multiple diseases and bad spine. I have MRI and everything to show why I have this pain. I take 4 10/325 norco a day with 30mg at morphine er. I'm not looking for a rx doctor by any means but now my Dr retired I'm having a hard time. Is there anyway that you could help me with a good Dr. I read your response that's why I'm asking. I can't live in this pain much longer. Thank you!!

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Babrad69 Says:

Do you know of any Dr in Houston area Bud? I'm getting so desperate. I have mental and physical pain. I can't take this physicAl pain ANYMORE.

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Sameoldbs Says:


I may have a doc in the Houston area but to be properly diagnosed and treated you must have complete documentation of treatments, prior doctors records and prescription printouts for at least a year. They have you take a drug panel at every appointment but if you're a legit pain patient they will make life as comfortable as possible.

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bud Says:

I know like 5 Doctor's in Texas, maybe 7 that are very good. My last doctor had me on 180 30mg a month, then I got on the suboxone and got off them. Sorry I could not help you. If you ever come to texas then I can help you. This one Doctor I saw played for the green bay packers and won a ring in the 90's.

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Badrad69 Says:

Hi Sameolebs, I do have MRI and documentation of my medical problems. I have dual diagnoses but can prove they are real, in not looking for a pill Dr by any means. I like knowing the doctor cares and I have someone to keep me in check. I would appreciate anything you can give me. Thank you so much for writing me back. Have a great day!

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bud Says:

Know I dont sorry I only know Doctor's in Texas I know about 5 or 6 that are good at helping you with the pain I am off them I am on suboxne even if I whated and I could not get any because of the suboxne

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Martin Says:

Could you please help me I just moved to TX and I am in extreme pain if u no a doctor please let me no

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PD Says:

Could you please tell me the names of the pain specialists you are referring to. I am moving from Washington state to Texas and need to find a good pain doctor

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M Says:

please tell me the dr's name. i can and will get an MRI if thats what you mean by proper doc. I need help

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m Says:

you will provide the name of doctors in 3days? im confused by your reply

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m Says:

Where were you getting 180 30's in houston?

{edited for privacy}

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m Says:

Can you help me bud? I really could use the information. It would seriously help.

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bud Says:

What part of Tx I know 3 in plano 3 mckinny 1 in richardsan let me know what city you will be at

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m Says:

Houston! Where at in H?!?! I thought I saw a post you said you knew drs here in Houston

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Mandi Says:

In the McKinny area, Bud, can you tell me the Doctors who prescribe hydrocodone, oxycodone or perkaset. My Dr retired. Thanks

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My Dr retired Says:

Where at in Texas? I'm in San Antonio and my Dr just quit one day and no one knows where he is at, I've heard he retired. I'm on morphine ER 200 3x daily and almost out and can't find a Dr. Any help would be appreciated...

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Hurting in Texas Says:

RICHARD (# 1) --

I have chronic back and neck pain and have had 3 fusions plus a hemilaminectomy. I also have an s scoliosis. I also have anxiety and panic attacks which are under control with Xanax low dose when needed. The back pain is getting unbearable. I’ve done trigger injections, steroid si injections, physical therapy, dry needling, infrared light treatments , message. I can’t take nsaids because of my reflux. Pain management refuses to give any opioids, not even a one time dose of ten pills. I can’t tolerate the pain anymore. I only see alternatives of turning to illicit drugs or marijuana. Can anyone recommend someone that will take my pain seriously and prescribe an opioid and leave me on my .25mg Xanax tid prn? We’ve tried all the other drugs for panic attack and this has been the only one to control them. It’s seriously effecting the quality of my life!

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Mary Says:

I live in Conroe tx. I need to find a doctor that gives norco and soma. I have taken for years but can't find anyone that will give them together. Thanks

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Choose Says:

Re: Bud (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

What are the names and info of the pain Doctors?

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Ana Says:

Re: bud (# 10) Expand Referenced Message

Hi, can you tell me the doctors name .I just moved to Texas.

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Jimmy Says:

I live in Dawson, Tx. I have an MRI showing extensive damage. I have no insurance but do have money for co-pays. I need to be on norco 10-325 at least but I can make it on norco 10-325 since I have been taking it along with tramadol which does not work at all. I was out of my tramadol one day at my pcp and asked if he could fill it and on my next pain dr. visit and he discharged me. I did not know and I am 58 years old and do not dr. shop. Please help me. I do not mind traveling to Dallas, Tx if I have to.

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Mary Says:

Re: bud (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

Can you give me their phone number and a name if you don't mind. Ive moved to McKinney and need a doctor or a pain clinic to help me with my pain. It's getting bad again. I don't have insurance so i can pay in cash.

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John Says:

Re: bud (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

Please help me find a doctor. I was in a car accident and have a broken back. I have all my medical records. {edited for privacy}.

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Lenny Says:

Re: Cathy (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

Hi Cathy. I have Lupus and I'm in constant pain. My doctor not prescribes me 180 30mg every 15 days. I'm moving and need a doctor asap. You think he'll help?

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KayLeen Says:

Does anyone know a Pain Management Doctor who treats TMJ/Severe Jaw Nerve Pain- Anywhere near Conroe, Tx?

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Klicky Says:

Did you ever find one? I think I had the same dr and his replacement is a horrible man. I'd like to switch from him.

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