Cleft Lip And Pallet From Dilantin During Pregnancy


My granddaughter was born with cleft lip, cleft pallet, is 50% deaf in both ears, wears 2 hearing aids and has a speech defect. Her mother was taking Dilantin during the pregnancy. My wife and I have been raising her and 2 other children of our daughter. Our daughter went downhill after that and became hooked on opiates. She is currently in jail for the 2nd time. My wife and I could really use some help with caring for this little girl's expenses in addition to using most of our social security.

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Hello, Phil! How is your family? I'm very sorry about all the issues that you're dealing with.

Dilantin has been known to cause cleft lip and palate, as well as other craniofacial abnormalities. Most doctors try to switch a patient at risk of seizures to an alternative medication, while pregnant, that isn't as risky.

Other defects listed by the FDA, may possibly include variation in size or shape of the head, lowered IQ scores, prominent and low set ears and prominent lips.

Have you tried applying for any type of medical assistance or governmental assistance to help?

Does anyone else have any advice or ideas?

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We are fortunate that Medicaid is paying for her surgeries,but there are many other expenses that need to be paid to help this precious angel..

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