Clear Capsule Containing Clear Liquid And Light Green Beads

DeeBee Says:

I found a clear capsule that has a clear liquid with tiny lightish green beads in it. Any ideas?

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David Says:

Just a thought, but this sounds to me like some sort of dietary supplement one might find in GNC as a pre/post workout or fat burner product. These types of OTC pills generally don't have any markings on them and I've actually taken similarly depicted capsules of this nature. Perhaps it would be a good idea to take the capsule into one of those stores to see if they recognize it?

Other than that, identifying something without markings could be quite a challenge, but as a last resort I'd probably consider having its contents analyzed via GCMS through a reputable lab.

Hope this helps!

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Mhmmmm Says:

Google image search "Hydroxycut HD" they are a weight loss/dietary supplement. By the description you provided, this sounds like it.

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Tiffany Lopez Says:

Those are Hydroxycut HD mind focus diet pills. I know for certain that is what they are because I take them and have been taking them since they have been available. They are great.

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