Clear Capsule, Dark Blue / Medium Blue Beads In Gel

kc Says:

Found in my carpet after company had left: The capsule was clear and large (at least large for something you'd swallow), with a black band where the two halves joined. Inside were medium blue and dark blue beads (when crushed, they contained yellowish powdery substance - like crushing a calcium pill) suspended in a clear gel. Any ideas what it is?

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Verwon Says:

Where there any markings on it?

Without any markings, it is probably going to be difficult to identify and I am not aware of any prescription medications that meet this description.

There is a good chance that it's something available over the counter, but there is also a small chance that it could be a foreign medication.

Does anyone else recognize this?

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kc Says:

No, no markings. I haven't ruled out that this may be a homemade/home assembled capsule of some sort. Several of my roommates friends had been through the apartment the previous day - one of them probably dropped it.

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k Says:

I have the same pills. They are supposed to give you energy.

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lil bit Says:

What are they called?

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mikeANDike Says:

This pill is known as "Red Line". It's an energy pill like someone said previously.

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Gkarr Says:

I found a blue oval gel capsule with a AS + SD in white lettering does anyone have an idea of what it may be?

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Agriscientific Says:

I have this pill, don’t know what it is. It is a large clear capsule and inside the capsule there is another small clear capsule with blue beads inside. There is a little bit of liquid inside the first capsule but not the second. No markings. Please help!

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Jj Says:

I have blue capsules with blue balls / beads in clear liquid. I can't remember what it is as I put all my meds in one box. Does anyone know?

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Roy Says:

I think mikeANDike might be correct - I found an amazon product page for VPX Redline Microburst capsules (an energy supplement), and the capsules pictured on the bottle seem to match the description. If you go to the detail page and zoom in you can get a clearer view. {affiliate link added}

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