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Please inform in details about the medicine CITISTAR containing Citicoline sodium 500 mg. I have been prescribed this medicine twice a day. Please inform about the purpose and any side effect of the medicine. Mumbai, India. ## Doc tells that she sufers from dementia and alzimier disease. She has been precribed to take Citistar 500mg twice a day. Any side effect and what does it do? ## Citicoline is a mental stimulant that is believed to help with cognitive impairment and mental alertness. In the U.S. it is commonly used in energy drinks. Side effects may include: nausea, dizziness and insomnia. Read more: Are there any other questions? ## Can citicoline helps to treat cardiovascular accident??? ## Dear sir i have a qustion that is the citicolone sodium tablet 500mg is the same with brai...

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somazine for alzheimers

has anyone tried somazine for alzheimers? my wife who has the problem has not had a prescription for it ## Hello, Lenhoppy! Sorry about your wife's condition. How is she doing? Somazine/Somazina contains the active ingredient Citicoline, which is a psychostimulant and nootropic agent, it's actually available over the counter in many countries and used as an alertness aid. Learn more Somazine details here. Some studies have shown that it helps with mental alertness and improves memory, so you may want to ask her doctor about it. Is there anything else I can help with? ## A rare known fact about kicking starting the brain back into gear sound strange, but ask a professional, tablets that are made for sleeping called zopiclone / zimovane

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Citicoline Cholinerv 500 Mg

what is the therapeutic effects of the cholinerv? what is the differents betwen the zynapse and cholinerv in terms of their effects? ## They both contain Citicoline as their active ingredient, so there would be no real difference in their affects. Citicoline is often given to help with cognitive function and improve memory problems. Are there any other questions? ## Does cholinerve help increase blood flow in the eyes? thanks for the reply. ## When your patient had a partial infarction, how long does he needs to take citicoline cholinerv 500? He had his stroke nov 17, 2014 and he's still taking this drug. He took 1tab 2x aday for the first 3 months. And he's now taking this drug 1 OD. Could he stop it now? ## I was given this drug from a pharmacy by mistake and took it for 1 wee...

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citicoline generic name

citicoline generic name citicoline brand name citicoline indication ## First off, Citicoline is the active ingredient, so therefore it is the generic name. In the U.S. it is an over the counter supplement, used in some energy drinks, as an alertness aid. I do, however, understand, that in some other countries it is used as a medication. I do not know what country you are in, so I have no way of discovering what it may be prescribed for or what name brand it is sold under. Where do you live? ## trade name generic name nursing implication ## trade name of citicoline generic name citicoline nursing implication citicoline

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citicoline tablets 500mg availability

Do I need a doctors script to get this drug? If not where do I get it from then? It works great for me but I have not a found a pharmacy yet that carries it in Australia. ## Citicolin isn't a prescription medication in Australia and available from all pharmacies in the supplements/ vitamins section

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Citicoline Zynapse neck pain

I am suffering from neck pain and almost can't move head on the left side, since I started Citicoline Sodium. I am slim 58kg, 174cm tall. Dosage is 300mg/day. A pill is 100mg. I guess is high dosage? I didn't know pain is coming from Citicoline, until read this. Is not go away with anything ! Started exactly after I started this pills . Please help !

mechanism action of citicoline

I WANT TO KNOW ABOUT mechanism action of citicoline ## Citicoline (INN), also known as cytidine diphosphate-choline (CDP-Choline) and cytidine 5'-diphosphocholine is a psychostimulant/nootropic. Studies suggest that CDP-choline supplements increase dopamine receptor densities, and suggest that CDP-choline supplementation can ameliorate memory impairment caused by environmental conditions. Preliminary research at Harvard found that citicoline supplements help improve focus and mental energy and may possibly be useful in the treatment of attention deficit disorder. It is an ingredient in some energy drinks such as 5-Hour Energy and is available as an over the counter nutritional supplement. To learn more click on the link below... Do you have any more questions or information to add? ...

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strocit tablet

tablet contains citicoline sodium equivalent to Citicoline 1000 mg. Colour:yellow oxide of iron ## Information on Strocit is required ## what is the strocit 500mg is good for ## Sorry, I cannot find any information on this. ## How does Strocit 500 tablet help neurology patients? Does it reduce paralytic condition in a person? ## I had first attack of TIA in April, 2008 and second attack in Oct.2008. I am using now Strocit 500 and Aricep 5 mg and Storvas 40mg. Is it ok? ## what is this drug strocit exactly.can you tell me the pharmacology of it??i heard that it is being used in stroke patients ## I need to know why strocit is given to stroke patients and how does it help because my father wants to cut down his dosage. ## Does comsumption of Strocit reduce the function of Male sex hormone...

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Somazina 1000mg oral solution

My wife was prescribed somazina for occasional hallucinations which began a few months after having an unsuccessful cataract removal. Now waiting a further appointment for laser treatment. Will somazina eventually stop the hallucinations? ## Somazina contains Citicoline, a substance believed to help with energy and cognitive problems. There is nothing listed about it helping with hallucinations and I do not know if it will. Do they know exactly what is causing them? ## Yes, Somazina will help with hallucinations. Keep continuing the prescription as per the physician. ## Where can I fill a prescription for Somazina 1000 mg (10 ml oral solution in sachet)? My mom needs this medication. ## Good afternoon. I would like to know where I can fill a prescription for Somazine 1000 mg for my fath...

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cholinerv citicoline

does the tablet and capsule have the same release? how about its comparison with zynapse or somazine? how about its effect? just making sure with the drugs lately who compromises the quality just to make it cheaper. ## They all the same, all the medications you mentioned contain Citicoline as the active ingredient. It is believed to help with various issues of Cerebral Vascular insufficiency. You can read more here: Are there any questions or comments? ## hi just want to emphasize the comparison and difference of the drug somazine/zynapse with the cholinerve. Somazine is the first citicoline brand here in the philippines. It is also known brand worldwide but since it is international brand the price is really expensive so now Zynapse came out as the exclusive Philippine brand of Somazin...

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Tab Strocit

Dr has prescribed STROCIT 500 mg tablets 1-0-1 for " Lacunar Infarction ". Need full information on this drug please. ## Strocit contains the active ingredient Citicoline, it is a psychostimulant that is believed to help with mental function and memory impairment. A Lacunar Infarction is a type of stroke, that can be detrimental to your mental cognition and brain function. Learn more: Are there any comments or questions? ## My father is 75 yrd old and had a brain stroke 10 days back. As per MRI report fresh infarct was seen. He is given strocit inj. How long to continue? Dad is going to be discharged tomorrow still we need to continue inj. How long will it take to recover?

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where can I obtain citicoline zynapse

Where can I find this medication Zynapse? It is for my dad who had a stroke. Philippines have it but he is here with me in Carson, Ca USA. ## Hello, Marie! How are you? It is actually available over the counter here, so you can find it in most health food stores and vitamin shops. It can aid alertness, but it's use for helping with strokes is questionable. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Like what kind if vitamin shop? GNC, Lindberg?

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citicoline sodium is it any good for treating drug addicition

my stepson is addicted to crack, marijuana and some pills, is citicoline sodium any good for treating his addicition problem. ## Hello, Hernan! How are you? No, in most countries it's not even considered a medication, just a supplement that can boost cognitive awareness, similar to caffeine. He should seek professional help. How long has he been addicted? Marijuana isn't addictive and dangerous, but the others are.

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Side Effects Of Strocit Plus

Adverse side effects of strocit plus ## Strocit Plus contains Citicoline, which is believed to help with memory loss and cognitive impairment. However, in most countries, it is considered a supplement and not an actual medication, so I have no information on possible side effects or adverse reactions. The information we do have is available here: Has your doctor advised you to take it? ## My Father in law(age 70) met with an accident on 8-9-2013. In the scan report of brain every thing is normal. But doctor prescribed to take the "STROCIT Plus" tablet. He is always drowsy when he take the tablet. Will it cause any side effect. He is a perfect man without any sugar or pressure complaint. Is it advisable to take this tablet or not... ## Yes due to regular alcohol memory is poor I ...

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somazina 1000 mg for treatment of hepatitis B

I am suffering from hepatitis B and numbness in my left arm and left foot. I have been seeking for treatment to help me get these diseases/ sicknesses off my body. now someone has just helped me with this somazina 1000 mg to treat these sigknesses, I could like to know if this medicin is helpfulto me. ## Hello, Fallah! How are you? No, I don't think Somazina is going to help. It contains the active ingredient Citicoline, which is actually just a mental alertness aid. Learn more Citicoline details here. What has your doctor advised?

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Citicoline Effectiveness

How effective are Citicoline pills? ## i want to know about citicholine drugs ## i want to know the drug!!! ## Citicoline is used as a psychostimulant and nootropic, usually to help prevent memory impairment and to increase mental alertness. You can learn more Citicoline details here. It's most common side effects include stomach pain and diarrhea. Are there any other questions or comments? Is there anything I can help with? ## what if we admisteres citicoline zynapse at 2 hours colleage administered zynapse 1000mg at 6 am and i gave 1000mg at exactly 8am is there any possible side effects? ## my son is losing hes memory becaouze of is good for him to take a zynapse citicoline for hes memory lost?

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Generic Name Of Somazina

Recently I was prescribed Somazina plus tablets for possible paralytic stroke from which I was saved. I want to know the chemical content of Somazina tablet and its generic drug ## The chemical and generic name would be the same thing and that is the active ingredient Citiclone, it's believed to help with memory impairment and cognitive function. Learn more Somazina details here. Is there anything else I can help with?

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what is d5nm stands for?

what is d5nm stands for? its uses and cotraindication ## D5NM is an intravenuous drip, it is a balanced multiple maintenance solution containing 5% Dextrose. It is commonly given to help rehydrate people suffering from dehydration or to ensure that an ill person take in enough fluids. Since it does contain Dextrose, a sugar, it cannot be given to diabetics. Did you have any other questions? ## what is the kind and type of fluid of d5nm ## Stock is citicoline (zynase) 250mg/4ml ampule. doctors order is 1mg IVTT every 12 hrs... How much to withdraw from the ampule?

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drug inter actions with symboxin

what are the possible drug inter actions if zanax is taken wuth symboxin ## i want to get information about advantage and side effect of citicoline(500) drug tab ## Taking Xanax and Suboxone can increase the risk of the sedative like effects, since they can both cause it, so you do have to be careful. You should know to watch for any potential danger signs, such as feeling extremely drowsy or dizzy, shallow breathing and lowered heart rate. You can learn more Xanax details here and you can learn more Suboxone details here. Citicoline is a psychostimulant that really isn't considered a drug in most countries, it's classified as a supplement. It is used to help increased cognition and mental alertness. You can learn more Citicoline details here. Are there any other questions or co...

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Somazina Tab

Can somazine plus be given to patient of bifrontal contrusion .and can it also help in removing small clot from brain ## Somazina contains the active ingredient Citicoline and, in this case, I am going to have to advise you to listen to the relevant doctor. If they've prescribed it to be used for such, then their instructions should be followed. The reason I am saying this is due to the fact that not all countries, including the U.S. where I am located, consider this an actual medication. Here it is just used as a dietary supplement. However, testing has shown it to have certain beneficial effects to the brain and cognitive function. What other remedies have been tried? Learn more Somazina details here.

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