Citalopram Manufacturer Change

JC Says:

Mail order changed my citalopram manufacturer from Amneal to Aurobindo. Have noticed side effect after the change. Should this be happening? Anyone els have this issue with manufacturer change?

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Roy Says:

JC - I haven't been taking this med, but i wanted to share with you that it IS in fact possible to experience different effects between generic manufacturers. Even though ratios of active ingredients are supposed to be the same, the inert (inactive) ingredients are allowed to differ by a certain margin. Not to mention different manufacturing standards / facilities / etc. Sometimes if you mention this to your doctor or pharmacist, they can try to obtain the product from the other manufacturer, but this does not always work - it's all about supply chain and sometimes a specific manufacturer has a temporary shortage, or another manufacturer offers better prices to the distributors. I hope this info is helpful. Please feel free to share any other details about your experiences. I'd also be interested to know if anybody else is having issues with the Aurobindo product??

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Sarah Says:

I have to specifically request Auribindo, as whenever I take Amneal, it is like I'm not taking ANY citalopram at all. Does anyone else have this problem?

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Holly Emerson Says:

You are not imagining it -- I have had to switch generic manufacterers several times with my tramadol prescription for fibromyalgia. This last week the "good" brand (Mylan) which has worked very well for me, this time gave me a scary reaction. I am asking my dr to allow me to try compounding in order to avoid the ingredients that cause this reaction (which I have experienced with other generic prescriptions that I had been taking successfully) -- if I can figure out what it is!

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Lisa Says:

I too have been taking Citalopram for several years. One manufacture worked just fine and I was having no issues or relaps of depression, but when they changed the manufacture I could obtain, my depression came back. The pharmacist told me that "they are the same" and made me feel that I was just imagining it...I talked to my doctor and he believe that manufactures CAN make a difference in the way it affect you. Try to see if you can get your pharmacy to get the previous manufacturer, but if not, your doctor may have to increase the dose to make it "work again". Best of luck.

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Gabrielle Says:

Hi just left my doctors feeling foolish when I tried to explain how a change in brand had given me a severe light head and left me feeling exhausted and flat . The change in brand was from generics (uk) limited to aurobindo ... I was frustrated and upset and felt that I was being patronised with his explanation that the ingredients were the same, therefore a change in brand couldn't possibly be the cause of how i am feeling. But he couldn't explain why I had the symptoms but gave me a new prescription, which I have just collected . I would be interested to hear from anyone with similar experiences ?

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Caroline Says:

I thought this was my imagination: I have been taking citlopram 10mg since beginning of Dec 2011 and the course ran out mid Feb; I got a new perscription which was in a different coloured box and I literally noticed the difference overnight; I felt like I was right back where i was before I went on the Citlopram. I am going to see the Doctor this week and ask if I can get more of the original ones - unfortunately I dont have the packaging for the manufacturers name of the original ones but I have for these new ones. A few weeks on and I dont feel any benefit from the new dose and I'm reluctant to up the dose as the 10mg were working fine untill the very day I changed brands. Would be interested to here more from others who noticed this.

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miles Says:

the aurobindo citalopram are complete crap. i feel lethargic all the time regardless of the amount of sleep i get. switching back to amneal asap

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Riis Says:

OMG -- it's so great to hear others have the same troubles.. I *JUST* figured the problem out. I have had THREE weeks of acute anxiety, panic attacks, night terrors and wild mood swings all because someone gave me a different manufacturers pill! I honestly thought I was going totally bonkers. I can’t sleep. I had NO idea this sort of thing could happen.

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Brenda Says:

Yes, I too need the generic celexa by Aurobindo! I have taken it for many years but when they gave me a different generic it was like I was taking nothing! They said that ALL were the same, but I can assure you they are not. They may have the same "active" ingredient or whatever their argument is, but until I got the one made by Aurobindo again, I was very depressed and was going back to the doctor to find out what was wrong with me. As soon as I found the Aurobindo again, I was fine.

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Suze Says:

I found Aurobindo the best. I was given another manufacturer and felt anxious and depressed. One doc said there should be no difference, while my first doctor admitted there could be a different effect neurologically because of quantities of binding agents and standards within the factories.
ITS NOT IN OUR IMAGINATIONS, THIS NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED, THERE ARE SOME SHODDY MANUFACTURERS OUT THERE - avoid the circular tablets, the oval ones seem to be better - !!!

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Dee Says:

I thought I was losing my mind! I've only been taking the meds for about 2 months and my first batch was tiny oval pills (20 mg that I cut in half). The new ones are round and twice the size and I have felt awful! I assumed I was needing a higher dose, which I didn't want to do because I am slated to titrate off the meds in January.

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Brenda Says:

I had the SAME thing happen to me, only the "opposite" manufacturer. I have ALWAYS had the ones made by Aurobindo. When the pharmacy changed mine to a different manufacturer, it was if I was taking NOTHING at all!! I even made an appt with my doctor thinking the medicine had stopped working for me and I couldn't figure out WHY? I made a few calls to various pharmacy's and once I got my Citalipram/Celexa by AUROBINDO again, I was fine. I have seen many posts that said the same thing, however, I have also seen the opposite, such as your message stating that you were on a different manufacturers Citalipram and when switched to Aurobindo, you suffered the same effects as I, because they changed the manufacturer. It is NOT in your mind. Doctors and pharmacists will ALL tell you they have the same "active" ingredient as if we are CRAZY or something, but we are not. It DOES make a difference. My brother is experiencing the same thing with his PAIN meds. If they give him a different manufacturer brand than what he has always taken, they give him no relief from his pain. My advice is to call around to various pharmacy's and find one that carries the brand that you always have taken. IF they don't have it, ask that they order if for you. Some will and some won't. Don't know what I am gonna do when "NO" pharmacy will ORDER me the brand I am used to taking for all these years. Will have to switch to another medication if that happens, because the ones made by AUROBINDO are the ONLY ones that work for me.

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Brenda Says:

The AUROBINDO brand is the ONLY brand that works for me. I am assuming because that is the one I have been on for years an years. I have seen others say the opposite...that AUROBINDO doesn't work for them, because they were taking a different brand "before" they were prescribed the one made by Aurobindo. Go with how you "feel" on a particular brand. If it works, fine, but if they change brands and it doesn't work...find a pharmacy that will order the brand you have always taken.

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grieving mom Says:

You are lucky you survived! My son was taking this same med and had similar side effects. He took his meds one night, went to bed, and didn't wake up again. Be aware. All the pharmaceutical companies care about are their profits. Any deaths that occur are considered statistically acceptable loss.

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aljo10 Says:

my wife has been on citalopram 20mg for past few years Previous prescriptions had used the Almus brand ,which worked extremely well The next prescription supplied was by Auribindo and this has failed to control the depression. After some discussion the doctor provided a further prescription,specifying Almus. The chemist has ascertained that Almus have now stopped manufacturing citalopram but did manage to secure two 28 day packs. What now?

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aljo10 Says:

my wife's citalopram was changed from Almus to Auribindo two months ago and she has experienced bouts of depression which she never had when taking the Almus brand. Her doctor has specified Almus in the repeat prescription and although we have sourced two months supply the pharmacist has told her Almus have stopped manufacture of citalopram.

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Susan Says:

Aurobindo's citalopram also seems to the only one that has worked for me, but my pharmacy now tells me that it is no longer available (not being manufactured any more). Does anyone know if this is true? Or know any sources where it still is available? Or has anyone who previously found aurobindo brand to work found another brand that works for them?

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Brenda Says:

I had been told by Walgreens and just about every other pharmacy around that they no longer could get the Aurobindo brand, however I do have ONE pharmacy in our area, that still orders it for me. I don't think it has anything to do with "availability". I think it is the pharmacy chains that perhaps decide to go with another company for a "cheaper" generic, and say they can't order it for you. The pharmacy I get it at now, is a family owned and operated pharmacy, so they do what they want. Aurobindo brand of Celexa is the "only" one that has worked for me. Will have no choice but to switch to another drug when I can no longer get this particular brand.

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lady with anxiety Says:

when i fill my script at CVS here by my home i get the Aurobindo manufacturer and at Walgreens I get the Amneal manufacturer. I think the Aurobindo calms me a bit better in regards to anxiety and I seem more focused... but the Amneal works better on depression and I feel more lively on it. I'm very tired on the Aurobindo and seem to sleep a ton the Amneal seems to give me a ton of energy at a lower dose so I may refill at walgreens next time.

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Susan Says:

Susan here again. After two people at my pharmacy telling me that Aurobindo citalopram was no longer being manufactured and no longer available, the head pharmacist put in the order again and it came through fine. He also told me that he didn't think it would be a problem getting it in the future. I can't figure out on what he is basing that opinion!

By the way, the only way my pharmacy will order this brand at all anymore is if I pay for the whole cost myself--my health insurance will no longer pay for it at all because it isn't the cheapest generic, which is the only brand they will cover.

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