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Would Like 2 Know D Chances F Recurrance Dysgerminoma Ovary N A Life Time

my cousin 12yrs old s sufferin 4m dysgerminoma ovary wid metastasis all over d abdomen not extendin beyond diaphragm.v ver told dat dere ll b a complete cure bt dere a chances f recurrance n d later life.she s n chemoteraphy presently regimen consistin f cisplatin,bleomycin n atoposide wid d third cycle running.i would like 2 know abt d chances f recurrance n d age hsould v expect 4 recurrance n also wat care can i tak durin d post treatment period follow up so dat i can recognise d recurrance early ## The recurrence rate, for this type of germ cell tumor of the ovaries is usually between 15 to 25%. There is really no way for a layman to detect a recurrence, early, because it requires medical testing to do so. For instance, one of the signs would be Hypercalcemia, which is an elevated l...

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effect cisplatin on collagen protein in mollusca

research work need for the referencess. ## this drug is used for cancer by inhibiting DNA synthesis, killing rapidly replicating malignant cells. This forum is not a good source for research references. Try your school's library. ## I am also averse to doing anyone else's homework.

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