Ciprofloxacin 500mg Usage

tracey Says:

Hi, i would like to know what it's prescribed for in adults? Thank you.

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Karen Says:

I had foot surgery and it became very infected in just a few days. My doctor perscribed Ciprofloxacin for this infection which turned out to be a staff infection.

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Cheryl Says:

Just started taking Ciprofloxacin and noticed a white residue in my stool this morning. Anyone else experience this?

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daelkin Says:

I too started taking cipro for a UTI 2 days ago and I have had severe abdominal pain today. (side effects list it as a common side effect)

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adry Says:

it's an antibiotic for bacterial infections.

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DeWanna Says:

I am taking Ciprofloxacin for a ear infection that was caused by a sinus infection, this medication makes me very sleepy has anyone noticed this

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Angie Says:

Started taking cipro for about 4 days and have exp severe headaches as well as dizziness.

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Lee Says:

I just started taking Ciprofloxacin 1 day ago so far NOTHING. I'm about 60% better than I was a day ago. Kidney Stones is what they told me in the hospital which could also lead to an infection in the kidneys.

I hope you feel better Tracey.

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Brian Says:

I have been taking Cipro for blood in my urine. Now I am witnessing a tickling in my urethra and symptoms of a sexuall transmitted disease. Worst part I have not indulge in sexual activities.

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Verwon Says:

Brian, rather than an STD, those symptoms can also be caused by a urinary tract infection and/or a yeast infection, which men can also get. Yeast infections can even be caused by, or aggravated by, antibiotics.

Now, as to blood in your urine, you should not be taking an antibiotic for something like that, without further testing to be sure what is causing it.

Here is the monograph page for Cipro for anyone who needs more information on it:

Cipro Info Click Here

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zenda Says:

I started taking Cipro 5 days ago and i have really bad cramps. the first 2 days i had a milky discharge and now i am bleeding and i feel ike crap.

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barbara Says:

This is my second day of taking cipro and just now I experienced a trace of blood in my rectum. Is this normal?

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jack Says:

can you take ciprofloxacin hcl500mg for teeth and mouth infection.

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starlite Says:

I'm on Cipro for an ear infection and it is pretty nasty. Side effects include nightmares, fall asleep after taking, loss of taste and the runs. The good side of all this is that it has fought off the severe outer ear infection within a day. Seems like the cure is worse than the illness but it's not.

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suzie Says:

Im on cipro for a bladder infection , im on day 2 , been very tired but restless cant sleep , thats the only side effect im having so far im on it for 5 days.

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Dutchy Says:

Will ciprofloxacin 500 MG clear up ear infection caused by lung flukes??

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Ladyg Says:

Is it ok to be intimate with your partner while taking Ciprofloxacin Hcl 500 Mg Tab?

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Dory Says:

I took ciprofloxacion 5 hours after taking the last one by mistake. Is it considered an overdose? Will it cause any side effects?

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Stacyleebee Says:

Can I take Cipro if I think that I have strep throat? I have severe throat pain and ear pain, as well as body aches. I was traveling on a plane and was in the airport for almost 24 hrs. I think I caught something and can't get in with my dr till Monday, but he always gives me this Rx.

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Midge Says:

My Dr. prescribed ciprofloxacin (500mg) for an infection. I have blood in my urine. After reading all the terrible side effects l am afraid to take this medication. What should I do?

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Guy Says:

Hoping to have some feedback from someone that has taken "ciproks ciprofloxacin hydrochloride" that can post their results from the med... I'm taking it to cure a UTI, as noted on the sales website by the company. Please post your experience.

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