Cincinnati Ohio Pain Mgt Doctors Dumping Pain Patients All Over! Patients Are Screwed! What Now?

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vance Says:

its happening everywhere! the new ridiculous legislation by the gov of the state of ohio is beyond overzealous and its tying the hands of pain mgt MD's to the point that the doctors are simply dumping the discipline altogether. meanwhile patients are being kicked to the curb being told to find new pain mgt doctors within 30-60days? i walked into my doctor recently and the front desk clerk says hey did u know that oxycodone 30mg tabs go for 30.00 on the street? i said i was not awhere no? she said well the doctor is discontinuing patients who are on pain meds and sending them away as hes washed his hands of pain mgt altogether? sure enough i met w the doctor who explained he has resigned and hes opening his own practice w out pain patients what! basically he was forced too leave and its all good for him as he can start diagnosing colds n flus and make his money BUT many patients are ass out and given ridiculous options of finding a pain mgt doctor in 60 days which is irrational given the avg 3-6month waiting lists locally. basically people are panicking and even worse the docs office referred most too another outfit who are treating folks like they are junkies! the new clinic says they are pain mgt doctors but are taking all of these patients and advising them that they have too wean them down off of meds? why? this is a pain mgt outfit and not an addiction treatment center?

the new docs once they figure out you came from the chop shop in which the doctor left etc they automatically categorize you as a problem and swiftly aviod pain issues yet they sure are billing folks for pain mgt treatments. but this is happening all over cincinnati ohio as doctors now fall under new compliance/regs/policies set for forth by the feds/state etc. its to a point that the doctors ignore your issues like 4 or 5 herniated discs and rheumatoid and severe pain conditions and try too dissuade you from pain meds and give you neurontin or diazepam? it seems that these doctors are committing fraud if they are billing patients for pain mgt but refuse too work with patients that have 20yr opiate histories and justified injuries/illnesses. i believe their is some liability and undertreating patients is worse than over medicating patients as these docs are scamming people to aviod scrutiny from law enforcement and in effect protect their own asses? what if a doctor refused medicine or an adequate amt of medicine for someone with diabetes or heart conditions? surely they would face some type of sanctions? so why is it with pain meds available approved the FDA that doctors refuse too acknowledge pain and injuries or illnesses and are prescribing folks anti depressants or anxiety meds? seems that this is a way too bilk folks for cash and look at the patients as if they have no compassion but dont care as they just want your money.

now sure some folks hit the doctors up for meds it happens everywhere but if your like me and 5 different doctors in last 10yrs have required me too take oxycodone 15mgs 6x day and suddenly i dont need this medicine? suddenly my input and ability too work w a doctor on controlling my pain is now met with skepticism or drug seeking behavior as doctors run scared from oversight. now the state of ohio and fed govt has set a new standard in pain meds and that is you should only be taking 80mgs a say? at this very moment in cincinnati ohio we have pharmacies turning folks away that recieve of 80mgs of oxycodone a day? pharmacies reject the prescription and advise patients too return too the doctor asking them too provide documentation or diagnonsis stating why the patient is on over 80mgs of pain medicine? we are seeing the government run doctors out of the pain mgt discipline at a time when patients are being kicked to the street advised to find a new pain doctor? the insanity is everywhere! who do you think is making millions in cincinnati at this moment? there are 4 methadone clinics in the city with over 10,000 methadone patients! the suboxone/subutext doctors are 2 months booked with opiate patients or simply pain patients thrown under the bus and getting worse every day. so what the hell do people do that are suffering in chronic pain? our city has an epidemic H problem and yet they dont understand why! the doctors/purdue pharma/walgreens have made billions of dollars and now all of these patients are viewed as drug seekers when they mention pain or have percocet prescribed.

the patients with injuries are just billed and sent packing being spun by doctors who knowingly put sick/injured/disabled folks on the street yet protecting their licenses is priority as they smile and pat folks on the back. pain patients have no where to go and the government in ohio just made it policy to do so... no one has an answer as your not supposed too be in pain or your an addict. by the way my injuries came about in my career in law enforcement and i was forced too retire early due to those injuries BUT now im met with skepticism as all of us are because of overzealous legislators and ignorant politicians and theyre is nothing we can do. doctors are leaving pain mgt and patients are being kicked to the curb. i am starting w my 3rd doctor in 1 year whereas prior to the legislation i had the same doctor for years. but when the doctors are leaving what the hell do you do? at some point the medical doctors and the ama and the feds have too establish or accept a moral obligation too treat those that are in pain or allow folks to die w dignity or be sued for undertreatment and this will become some kind of case law who knows. but shame on the doctors and the ama for not standing up to the ridiculous tactics by law enforcement and for cowering down at the expense of the chronically ill. it seems that these doctors and hospitals will be forced to help pain patients instead of helping themselves to their insurance cards and lying to them.

under treatment is an issue
moral obligation to treat
malpractice legal suits

all of these issues will surface soon in the courts as i have been seeing this kind of crap where families are raising hell w doctors failing to medicate patients with cancer. i have seen the families buing pain medicine on the streets more than once! but what else is one to do when your loved one is dying from cancer at home under hospice care and they refuse too listen or help w pain meds.... i have seen people walk the streets in bad hoods asking for oxycontin from anyone at 50.00 a bill to medicate a dying relative as doctors routinely turn their backs in favor of protecting their own asses... when does this end! should all of the pain patients in ohio move out of state? to florida? georgia? im crossing the same bridge in november as i will have my 1st appt w a pain doctor and i already know hes gonna say on wait we dont prescribe 15mg oxycone tabs? why? it works! oh but it doesnt matter! big brother will now dictate your meds and treatments!

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Vance! How are you? I'm sorry that you're so distressed, but I do understand, no one should have to suffer.

First, there is a difference between pain medications and those required for diabetes or high blood pressure, medications for the latter conditions are life sustaining, while pain medications are just considered to contribute to quality of life, but comfort isn't considered a requirement for life. I'm sorry, I know that's not fair, especially when legislated by those that don't suffer chronic pain, but that's the way it is right now.

The new regulations are also not just relevant to Ohio, they apply to all states throughout the U.S. So, everyone is dealing with these types of issues and there have been a lot of posts about it.

As to patients with cancer or those that are dying, there are special exceptions for them, so doctor's could prescribe them such medications, there is no valid reason that they aren't doing so.

And as to your pain management appointment, if you go in and ask for a specific medication, in a specific dosage, then yes, they likely will turn you away. Doctors are taught to view that as being drug seeking behavior. What you need to do is make sure they get a full copy of your current medical records, go to the appointment and then discuss your treatment options, without asking for a specific medication and dosage. Once they can see what has and hasn't worked for you in the past, as documented by a fellow physician, they will be more probe to prescribe accordingly.

This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation.

Does anyone else have any advice or ideas to add?

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Vance cincinnati im Says:
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Vance here! Im replying to my own message-post fr back in 2014 and id like folks to take a look at this because if u havent been screwed by ur pain mgt doctor or been to 4 or 5 docs being played as having no pain then ur in for it really soon! Retired law enf a military vet and have stacks of injuries but in short dej disc disease rheum arth stenosis several hern discs lumbar back neck etc sciatica my life has become so depressing ive considered checking out but i cannot do this as i have a 12yr old single dad so i just suffer daily after 15yrs in pain mgt one break in 2003 but after many years od trial and error on oxycontin 40mg opana everything but methadone and i finally found a pain reliever in the 20mg ir oxycodone 5x day and im outta pain productive running a business w partner etc up until 2015 when i lost a doctor once again... Well i found new pain guy in kenwood and now after 8mos ive lost another doctor who was sanctioned for his weight loss program so he lost his license for 6mos sucks but its real man. I went to his referred friend and pain doc in Montgomery which was a disaster she said ill give u 4 10mg tabs day lol i left and now im at univ cincti pain mgt and its an absolute nitemare as this doctor only writes few 10s day and methdone so he ignores all my med history and doesnt care what works or doesnt but he showed me his nifty numerical conversion chart and basically said government dictates medication now wow! Socialized medicine anyone? I said no never take methadone he said well thats what im offering take it or leave it wow ridiculous. So here i am on my 4th or 5 pain doc and still applying elsewhere trying for april so till then its god awful stabbing nerve pain. Lyrica just deosnt work anymore only oxycodone i refused opana oxycontin patches in favor of 15 or 20mg oxycodone that only my primary care will write but i cannot keep seeing her so o went the pain mgt route again and im im pure hell i dont know thats its even rational to expect any doctor to work with me but if something less powerful than fentanyl, methadone, opana, oxycontin works why is it such a big deal? i guess ill keep consulting w/ new docs carefully as we all know doctor shopping is all bad news. But is this insane? I went from 4 30mg oxycodine day to 5 20s day no biggie but new doc gives me 4 10mg day n says love it or leave it dude i hate this ridiculous crackdown socialized medicine when i have massive amts of records and a long healthy life free of opiates life was good but between rheum arth and age catching up disc injuries i take this stuff to take the edge off mornings are absolutely HORRIBLE to the point i dont want to continue living but i have to continue the fight or lay down die its not in my blood. My best pain mgt doc told me before he retired he said ur gonna havr to go outta state the ohio laws just removed doctors discretion and empathy towards pain patients and its so true does anyone have any advice? Ill drive up to 10hrs month move changed addresses im on military and law enf pension and ive had to cop meds on street to kill pain as these docs are getting theyre hands tied but some are so scared its ridiculous. I was pushed to the curb on this last doctor as he dropped me to 40mgs day after yrs of 80 to 100mgs. Honesty is not always the best but when ur screwed outta meds, u then have pain and tolerance issues and these doctors simply do not care anymore. I need new doctor or new outta state residence. im comfortable financially. I can leave ohio and it sure looks like im gonna have to.

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Joann from Portland Oregon Says:
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Re: Verwon (# 1)

Can the crap!! We pay for care and what we get is humiliation. I hate going to a new doctor because what I am telling them is that a procedure which is supposed to be "safe" is terribly flawed and people get hurt in terrible ways. This procedure is a lithotripsy and should never be performed on anyone. The medical community is the worst it has ever been and money is their game. If you are not there to ease the pain and suffering of your patients then all that is left is you are there for the money. Tell it like it is. Doctors are full of it and don't care what we patients go through. Prime example: My PC wanted me to see a pain doctor. I was referred and sent a huge package of forms to fill out. After I did this I sent them back to the pain clinic. I was called and an appointment was made. I was given 3 tests: An EKG, a balance test and a U/A, all before the doctor came in the room. He was in the room for 10 minutes at which point he told me he was not going to treat me -- go away and don't come back. I did not even get the chance to speak. He knew before I went for the appointment that he wasn't going to help me and yet he charged me for the office visit and 3 tests. Are you seriously going to tell me that he cared for anything but the money?

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Saul Says:
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Pain mgt insanity in cincinnati... It's insane! Does anyone have any input reviews about pain mgt Dr minhas cinti oh? His reviews are horrible but I LL take poor bedside manner if he continues me on 15mg oxycodone 4x day? I just need a pain doc in cincinnati that won't freak out continuing me on 15mgs 4x day I've had surgeries a million useless injections medial branch block rhizotomy I'm 50yrs old meds work.. please no lists of referrals from moderators I can only go where insurance pays via my pan.. legitimate patient reviews referrals save lots of time.. it's rough out here..

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