Chronic Cough Pill

sherry Says:

in the early 70's a dr. gave me a green pill for coughing. he has died & no seems to know what is. i took it for few month & i didn't have a cough for a couple yrs. anyone have any ideas

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Verwon Says:

I'm sorry, but that's very little information to go on and since it was from so long ago, it's probably going to be difficult to figure this one out.

However, I do think it was most likely that your not experiencing a cough for several years afterwards was likely just a coincidence of fortunate health, rather than from whatever the medication was, since there is nothing that would remain effective that long.

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Do you remember any other details about it, at all?

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Kenny Says:

i believe it is Copastin (Cloperastine). works wonder for my mom's cough too.

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