Chrominac A Side Effects And Uses
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beljibabu Says:

What are the side effects and uses of these tablets?

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DS Says:

Hi Doctor am 25 yrs old . ,i having pcod ,and dr prescribed to take chrominac A tab for 3 mths ..i took that after words it was very effective for me .but now am suffering from Elevated BP that a sideeffect of taking this medicine.

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Payel Says:

NEETHU (# ) hii neetu i have pcos too and my doctor recomended chrominac a once a day daily. So i take a dose as recommended after using 16 tablet l feel very dizzy and sometime nauseaous

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Lisa Says:

Re: Sri (# 6) Expand Referenced Message
right now are you still continuing the medication

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Saini Says:

Hi. I have recently visited a doctor and in my lower abdominal USG report it states that I have some bilateral polycystic changes. The doctor told me that I have many small cysts which is due to some hormonal changes and it will eventually go away. So I just want to know what the possible side effects are that I may have by taking this Chrominac-A medication? Will my cysts go away or not?

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sree Says:

I'm 26. I have pcod. My weight is 80kg and height is 173cm. My doc suggested I take Chrominac-A. What are the effects of this medicine?

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Christy Says:

Hi doctor, I am 27 yrs old. I wanted to know if it's ok to take birth control pills (unwanted 72) with Chrominac-A?

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pooja Says:

Yes dia u can hv ds tablet during ur period en u should continue for six month until u be totally fine....:) en it is nutritional supplement it won't harm uh..

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zeisha bhat Says:

I m a pcod patient,I got my period usually 12 days docter prescribed me chrominac -a .please tell me the dosage.

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diya Says:

i am using chrominac A as suggested by doctor for ir-regular periods.Doctor said that i have cyst in my overy so must continue this tablet for 6 months.Started having this tablet from 2 days and now i became i have a doubt like can i have this tablet during my periods time???

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Dolly Says:

Does Chrominac A prevents Pregnancy also? I mean can we get pregnant while taking this tablet.

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Sri Says:

Will Chrominac A help in ovulation? And is it always necessary that we should get our periods if we ovulate? If we dont get our periods after taking Chrominac A when i am planning for a pregnancy, does it mean that i am pregnant?

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nikki Says:

sir i am taking chrominac A as prescribd by my doctor. And i am also taking yamini once a day.My doctor had told me to take it as yamini ,whereas i take yamini for 21days a month . should i do the same for chrominac A ? SHOULD I TAKE IT FOR 21 DAYS ? OR FOR HOW MANY DAYS ..?

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Rahul Says: girlfriend is using Chrominac A for last three has asked her to take it for 6months then go for a usg and other earlier she was facing problem in periods i.e. delaying was happening...then she referred to a gynaecologist..she first suggested few tests...which includes usg(upper abdomen), blood test etc..after that the doctor rxed few medication then her periods got ok...then asked her to take chrominac-A for six months as the doctor said there is a cyst in her ovary. I am bit tensed about there is a serious issue regarding this...please lemme know..sir..

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Verwon Says:

As I stated in my prior post, this is a nutritional supplement, not an actual medication, which means that the side effect profiles for it have not been studied, as is done for regular medications.

This supplement contains:

Chromium, N-Acetyl Cysteine, Alfacalcidol and Biotin.

You should follow any packaging instructions or instructions from your doctor on how much you should take in a day. Too much of some vitamins can be just as dangerous as not having enough in your body.


Are there any other questions?

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am pcod patient am taking chrominac-a tab once a day
sir can i take this for twise a day their is any complication or side effects

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Verwon Says:

Chrominac-A is a nutritional supplement that contains the active ingredients Chromium, N-Acetyl Cysteine, Alfacalcidol and Biotin. It is believed to reduce insulin resistance and improve insulin sensitivity and used to treat conditions such as PCOS.

As to the side effects, since it is a nutritional supplement and not an actual drug, the side effect profile is not studied, as is done for actual medications, however, some people do report some nausea, after taking it.

Learn more:


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