Cholestyramine And Soda

Maria Says:

I found a way to drink that crap down. I put it in a can of orange soda, stir it well!! Darn if it's not easy to take. Great to take it early then don't take any drugs for four hours. After that you are home free!! I'm just grateful because my life is nearly normal and I'm as sane as I'll ever be!!??


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Verwon Says:

Hello, Maria! How are you?

That's a great idea and I'm glad it's working so well for you. I'm sure this information will also help others. It can also be mixed in soups, or fruits such as applesauce.

As listed by the FDA, it's most common side effects is constipation.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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Robby Says:

The paperwork I received with mine says not to use it with carbonated drinks.

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MaryAnn Says:

I thought it couldn't be mixed with a carbonated beverage?

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gracie Says:

This is the first time I'm taking this product.I take quite a few vitamins in the AM plus my Janumet for Diabetes AM &PM(usually waiting an hr after vitamins,I take Janumet )Do I have to wait four hrs after taking all those vitamins & Janumet .Dr advised taking it 2x a day for diarrhea & high cholesterol.I don't like taking medications & worry about the side effects.Please help I'd appreciate it,hope I didn't confuse you.Thank you

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