Choices Of Clonazepam Comparable To Teva Or Mylan

renee Says:

My son was originally placed on Mylan brand it worked beautifully. Then when they stopped production (but you are still able to get it while a patient in the hospital), we switched him to Teva brand after failing on several other manufacturers, and he has done well. Now they say Teva has stopped manufacturing the Clonazepam. What brand is comparable to these two? He takes 0.5 at night for his nighttime seizures.... I need some advice, don't want him losing his seizure control!

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Kevin Says:

Hello Renee,

There are a large number of generics available that your son could try, what's important to note is what inactive ingredients your son does well with and which ones your son's body does not agree with. For example the Mylan and Teva brands contain the following inactive ingredients according to the National Institute of Health's database.

Starch, Corn
Anhydrous Lactose
Silicon Dioxide
Magnesium Stearate
Microcrystalline Cellulose
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
D&c Yellow No. 10

Starch, Corn
Lactose Monohydrate
Magnesium Stearate
Microcrystalline Cellulose
Povidone K90
D&c Yellow No. 10

What I suggest you do is write down the list of these ingredients and take them into your local pharmacies and see which of them carries a generic that carries a generic that has the same ingredients or at least the one that best matches. I would provide you with a list of brands that match but it doesn't really help you if your local area doesn't carry any of them, so by taking this list in you cut out the time of searching for unique brands and cut straight to what you really want which is a medicine you know your son tolerates well.

I hope this information helps. Have a great holiday and let me know if this works out for you.

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Martin Says:

Also there is a generic company called "purepac" that I know for sure makes them in that dosage because my grandmother it's prescribed them and she gets them from Walgreens where they are filled and dispensed.

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Chris Says:

Teva is off the market and Mylan's clonazepam was recalled so many times for inactive ingredients that they're gone too. They never worked for me, neither did Actavis.

Try Solco (aka Qualitest) or Accord. Walgreens will have solco and cvs/walmart will have accord. I've used both and although they aren't as good as Teva, they still work.

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Susan Says:

Hi! I have been on TEVA brand for 10 years. .5 msg twice a day for anxiety disorder. I have just started Actavis which is the company TEVA merged with. I have had no problems with it at all. Each medication effects each person differently. Mylan threw me for a loop the first time I took it. I am sooty you are having to go thru this, I pray you find the correct generic for your son soon.

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Bobby Says:

Activis is a good brand. Mylan has always been known to be low quality. Teva was the best by most people's opinions. Pure pac always made good Xanax so maybe if they make Klonopin it would be good as well. Soloco was not very good in my opinion and most people don't want it around here.

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donna c Says:

Why in the world would a company put SLS, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, a product you a warned against using in soap and shampoo in medicine you take? Activis did this when Teva stopped making generic oxazepam and not only did the pills do absolutely nothing, they made me sick.

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J Says:

Re: Kevin (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Whatever you do, do NOT use ACCORD for klonopin generic. It's made in China and, it does NOT work. After being on TEVA which has now bought Actavis so they will be making/supplying it again. ACCORD does not work and is a horrible company. Look at the comments online.

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Nanny Says:

Re: Bobby (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

I am also able to special order Activis but it took alot of research and bad days. I can't handle any of the others they replaced Teva with. Why are they doing this? To have a drug that works for most everyone, why drop it?

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Nanny Says:

Sorry to hear about your dilemna. I have been through a similar battle and it's not easy. Go through a pharmacist who is willing to work with you. Most won't take the time. See if you can get the pink pills from Activia TEVA. They merged. The drugstores tell us they aren't making it anymore, but after much research and insistance, I was able to special order the .50 pink pills that I can handle. These other companies are introducing cheap pills with dangerous fillers and they crumble apart. While the patients are made to feel like everyone else can handle the change. Well, we can't. Try my suggestion. I wish you the best.

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