Chlorthalidone Made Me Ill

reneewest Says:

I started on this bp med 25mg. for the first time and on the 3rd day started to feel a little ill. Called doc, said whatever you do, don't stop taking. Took 1/2 tablet that night and on 4th day I felt HORRIBLE, like I'd been poisoned. Headache, nausea and dizzyness. Could barely get up. That was the last time I took it, and was sick for an entire 2 weeks, the half life is long. My last 3 days of being sick, I felt better but could not sleep for 3 days in a row. The whole thing was a heavy duty ordeal, and am now making a huge effort to do all the other lifestyle changes and alternative therapies as I will never want to go through what I did with chlorthalidone. It was really bad I told my doc, and not tolerable. Doc wanted to put me on lisiniprol, but I said no way am I trying something else to possibly go thru that again, especially an ACE inhibitor.

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Verwon Says:

Those can be normal side effects of this medication, they are typically transient, according to FDA reports, and will go away with time, once your body gets used to the medication. You may also experience headache, increased urination, and hypotension.

What condition were you taking it to treat? If it was high blood pressure, or a heart condition, it is very dangerous to let it remain out of control, since such conditions have the potential of being fatal.

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LisaD1971 Says:

I am currently experiencing the same exact thing ! The 25 mg lowered my sodium and dehydrated me. I was told to cut it in half and keep taking it. Boy was that a mistake. I'm still suffering from it . I was also prescribed lisinopril and it gave me the worst headache ! I'm sorry you went through this . I am currently trying to get out of my own way on this crap. DO NOT TAKE THIS MEDICINE PEOPLE !

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