Chlorthalidone 25mg And Bruising

ijc Says:

I have been taking Chlorthalidone 25mg since June 2012. Prior to starting this medicine I noticed that I bruise very easily. I constantly have numerous bruises, ranging in size from large (baseball size) to very small on my arms, legs and chest. On average there are 10 bruises at any given time. Has anyone had bruising as a side effect from Chlorthalidone? My family is concerned that it's not the medicine (since this started prior to the medicine) and is something more serious. Am making a Dr. appointment
tomorrow but would love to know if anyone else has experienced this.

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Verwon Says:

If it started prior to your taking the Chlorthalidone, then it can't be just due to a side effect of the medication.

However, there is a chance that the medication may be worsening whatever issue is causing you to bruise like this. My mother frequently had such issues, because she had a condition that caused her to bruise at the slightest touch and many medications she tried over the years, for various health conditions, ended up making it worse.

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In many cases, such random, but easy bruising is due to your circulation being poor, but only your doctor will be able to help you figure out why it is happening.

When do you see your doctor?

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Ijc Says:

Thanks for the reply. My appointment is tomorrow at 8:30am. I hope you're right and that the meds are just making the bruising worse. I currently have over 20 bruises. I'm 52, I've never had poor circulation and other than high blood pressure am in good shape. I've been really tired lately, but that could be the meds too. Hopefully it's nothing serious.

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