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Are there any discount coupons for this product or how expensive is it?

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We paid $118.00 today for it and of course our insurance won't pay for smoking cessation prescriptions

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Try @ Sam's Club to get your scripts filled. You do not have to be a member to use the pharmacy. Your doctor may get Chantix packets with a $10.00 off card for your purchase. Check out the Chantex stop smoking web site.

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Blue Cross Blue Shield Federal Employees Bennefits will cover almost 80% of the cost of this medication.

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I work for a hospital and as of November 16 nowhere will anyone be able to smoke. So, Imy husband & I started chanix 2 weeks ago and we are not smoking. It is the best product so far to help you quit. We have tried them all. My insurance pays for this but not for patches and zyban. If I did not have insurance I would look around for a place on the internet where you can get this at a reasonalbe amount because by far it is great!

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my dr gave me a script but inc dont cover does any one know a cheaper website i can get it.

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I used this and it worked great. 3 weeks smoke free. I feel great. Not trying to hurt anyone, very happy and really do not miss smoking at all.

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chanix information on discount

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Every doctor's office has been supplied with a good monthly supply of those One Month Trial boxes. You need to whine your butt off to your doctor's nurse, who will pressure your doctor to give up the sample packages - but after the first month, then (if you still need the drug - and most 1+ pk per day smokers do) then you will have to save the package cost to buy the next two months required. I was so very lucky ... the first trial package did the job and tht was over 6 months ago, and still I have never had so much as a linger urge for more than 30 seconds and can even sit with my family memebers who are terrible smokers (chain smoking) and it doesn't even occur to me to need or want a smoke! This drug needs to expand to the Alcohol an dgambling addictive cell !! Fabulous!

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I have been on this for 4 1/2 weeks and feel great. No real phyiscal urges. If cost is of concern ,think about how much you spend on smoking, if you smoke a pack a day the meds is less per month than cigs. and well worth it if you are serious about quitting. I love being free a the little stick that had so much control over me once.

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I just started taking Chantex last Saturday (4 days ago) and I need to know what it will be like the first day that I dont smoke. Does the pill really take away the urges?

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I have not smoked in 7 weeks and do not want to. It was easy, a slight urge but gone very quickly and they came less and less. I have not taken the medication for 5 weeks because it agrivated an ongoing kidney problem but I still do not want to smoke. Good luck.

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Hi, I have been smoking for 35 years and it is getting to the point where I can't hardly breath at night. I am scared and I have tried everything. Does this product really really work?? Please help ! Thank you.

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Roger it really works...After I quit my brother who has smoked as long as you tried it. He has not smoked in 4 weeks.. I think the first thing I noticed is that the cigs tasted like crap smells, then befor my week was up I found that I was not even finishing my cig. It did not do anything for me and tasted bad. I was ready to quit by the end of the week. I quit and it was not like the times before when I wanted to explode or cry. I just quit. A few times I thought well I am almost home and I will have a cig and then cook dinner....oh yeah I dont't smoke anymore. That was it. Now every once in a while I have a dream I am smoking and I wake up pissed that I started again, I soon realize that I don't smoke and I am sure glad to be free.

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Shelly, Thanks for that replie. I need to hear that. Last night I could not sleep at all because I could not breath. I have tried a millon times to quit. One time I made it for 18 days and then caved in. I know it will not be long from now that they will have to put me in the hospital if I do not do something fast. Congratulations for you and your brother. God bless

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Hi, I've just been reading everyones comments about Chantix. My Dr. had told me about it a couple of months ago, but suggested I didn't try to quit yet because I wasn't doing well mentally. My mom died 1 year ago this month after having part of her lung removed due to lung cancer. I've been pretty depressed and scared since she died. She had quit smoking 24 years earlier because of having a heart attack. No one ever thought she'd end up with lung cancer. I have a 10 year old daughter(who went to see her grandma everyday because we lived next to my parents) who is so afraid I'm gonna die, and it scares me too. So on Friday I'm going to have my dr. give me a prescription. I've been smoking for 35 years so I think it's about time. One thing I would like to know is if anyone(females) out there is also going threw menopause? With all the mood swings and hot flashes were you still able to quit, and did you end up putting on alot of weight?

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I was put in menopause from chemo for breast cancer and then I am also experiencing heavy hot flashes due to surgical removal of ovaries. I am starting chantix today so I will keep you informed.

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Are there anymore side affect's such as sexual or weight gain. thank's

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My Doc told me about this new drug to stop smoking and I told him I would think about it. I have been a smoker for over 40 years and have quit often. I seem to always go back. This time I want it to be for good. Do you use the patch along with Chintax? or do you just take the pill? Any information would be helpful in making my decision to stop smoking. Thanks

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i've been taking chanix for 5 days now and i missed taking one in the evening yesterday what should i do i also still smoke not very often because it makes me feel sick
how can i stop the cravings

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have smoked for thirty some odd years - been on Chantix for 7 weeks - been menopausal for a couple of years - the drug works wonders - it has for me - as for worrying about the weight gain, so far i have gained none - don't dwell on that - the weight if you set your mind to it will eventually come off and you will be smoke free - YaHoo!!!

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Call your insurance, most cover all or very low co-pays. We have Aetna and we had $0 co-pay!

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I started Chantix two weeks ago and i am down to one cigarette and i am craving a cigarette right now. This is not a miracle drug but it decreases your urge for nicotine. the only side effect i have are vivid dreams not scary dreams. I have smoked since i was 14 I am 60 so one cig is very good for me. I am sure i will be gaining weight and i hate that but better than killing myself with these cigarettes. Good luck to everyone

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Don't throw away they are the same be white take it then wait a few hours then take the other one than you are back on schedule,just do not throw it away!!

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Start taking two and you'll be taking two of the blue ones in your second pack okay too luck!

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It works I'm on my second pack so I'm in my third week, I slipped up and it was not a good thing newport taste so bad it was a waste of my money,so i went back where I was started taking chanik and I'm not smoking so besides my slip it works trust in it and your desire to quit and it will work for you!

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Kaiser charges members only $30.00.

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The cost of chantix is $303.60 my insurance paid $299.00 and I paid $3.60.00 I had no idea it cost so much,however its working I'm on day 13 and I smoked up until day 12 that's when they started tasting nasty so I'm on day two without a CIG and the crazy part of it I didn't think it was going to work this time either and it is,what it is doing is keeping the craving away that's what's making it work and if you want to stop you can trust me with chanix igts a slow process but it works with your patience let it get into your system and you'll see and taste,feel it working try it give it a chance!!!

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I just wanted to say that I stopped smoking with chantix on Sept 13, 2008. Its almost been a year since my last smoke. So thankful. Used to smoke 30 cigs a day for 14 years.

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I had surgery about 3 weeks and and I was told I needed to stop smoking. I took it into consideration and paid $145.00 for this medication. It didn't do too much for me except make me EXTREMELY constinpated which was very painful considering I had my insides moved around. I've decided to just stop smoking on my own I refuse to pay $145.00 for the next 6 months. Congrats to all who have stopped and good luck to those who are trying.

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say if i forgot to take the morning pill and remembered that night would i take them both or throw the other one away.

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