Chantix And Insurance Coverage

Sunshine Says:

I want to quit smoking but my insurance won't cover Chantix. Can anyone help?

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Audrey Says:

I don't think anyone's insurance covers it unfortunately. However ask your doctor if she has a coupon. My doctor gave me one for $30 off which made it like $120. Still expensive but hopefully worth it!!

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Snark Says:

I've noticed some drug companies offer coupons also - maybe contact Pfizer directly.

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tallmom Says:

If your insurance company has a healthy living type program (Cigna does for ex) you can contact them & tell them that you want to use this to stop smoking. They sent me 2 months worth for free! They are happier to have people stop smoking.

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VerFree Says:

Chantix is manufactured by Pfizer, and they do offer some assistance programs for patients that need their name brand medications.

You can find more information here Pfizer Pathways.

These programs do actually help a lot of people who otherwise could not afford a medication. I used one from AstraZeneca for several years, when I needed a medication that had no generic equivalent, and was uninsured.

And, as tallmom said, contacting your insurance company directly might help, since they sometimes have programs available that not everyone is aware of, such as smoking cessation programs, weight loss, and etc.

Have you tried any other options to quit?

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