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Caverject doesn't work

I've been using caverject over 10 years without problems. But now my last 3 times when I've tried it hasn't worked. Was wondering can there be faulty needles etc because inserting the needle immediately feels difficult and doesn't go through like before? It feels like pushing the needle through rubber etc. and feels like the needle just gets stuck and doesn't go through like normally. And afterwards my penis gets a bit swollen but ultimately the injection doesn't work. I've tried both sides and got the same effect. Could be there some problems with the solution or needles? My last order was 4x 20ml so could those have some fault? I've used now 3 of them and had no effect? ## 3 months ago i started caverject, 5mg, then 10mg, then 15mg, then 20mg, then 20 +...

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Combining 10 and 20mg Caverject

My doctor said to increase dosage from 20mg to 25 and then in small increments if necessary. He has prescribed both 10 and 20 mg packets. Do I use the same syringe and fluid to mix both vials or use separate syringes and fluids which would result it having to have two injections, 20 from the first and then half of the 10 mg syringe to give 25 mg? ## Same problem. What I did since 40 mcg is not available th EU, is use two vials of powder and one ampule of benzile water supplied. Mix the ampule with one vial of powder then transfer to the other vial of powder to get 40mcg then withdraw 30mcg (. 75 ml)

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Caverject availability in Philippines

After radical prostate surgery the only thing that has worked was caverject .... only trialed twice... no pills have been any good. Thinking of going to Philippines to get married and live there.... so the question is please: Is caverject available in Philippines.. if so could you please advise which cities doctors etc. ## I am a 65 year old male who has been looking for alprostadil in the Philippines. So far no luck. It is not carried by Mercury, the largest drug store chain in the Philippines. It is approved for use here, but getting it is a problem. ## How & where can i buy vitaros cream (alprostadil cream) in the Philippines? ## It's available in angeles (the injectable version)... What I'm interested though is the cream type, is it available in the Philippines? If so, w...

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Caverject Dual Chamber Reuse

I have Caverject 20mcg Dual Chamber. I want to use half and save the rest for another occasion. After administering it once, can I inj. the rest of the solution from the same syringe? ## I used half of the Caverject (10mcg) on one occasion, then was able to reset the syringe to 20mcg and use the other half. ## It would be best to use the dosage as prescribed by your doctor. Caverject is used to treat erectile dysfunction, it contains the active ingredient Alprostadil. Trying to reuse the same syringe can create a risk of infection, and it could disrupt your actually receiving the proper dosage. What amount did your doctor tell you to use?

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Carverjet Availability

Where can I get Carverjet? Everyone seems to be out. My boyfriend can't seem to find Carverjet anywhere. ## How can I get carver jet and how much does it cost ## Hello Patricia, According to the FDA there are no known Caverjet shortages so it's simply that your area hasn't restocked up on it. Unfortunately this can be problematic as pharmacies have no legal obligation to carry specific medications or brands. Really the only thing you can do is continue to call around or visit locations with your prescription and see if they can provide you with information. If you go to larger chain pharmacies such as walgreens, walmart, rite-aid etc. you can ask them if any of the neighboring stores of that chain have the medication in stock or at least which one is closest. I'm really ...

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Appropriate Dosage of Caverject

Had Radical Prostectomy over 3 years ago, prescribed the usual Cialis which I used for a while, then tried Viagra and Levitra, all without positive results. Then, about one year ago, I was introduced to Caverject. I started with 10 mcg which worked perfectly for me for awhile. Then I had to increase the dosage based on Doctor's advice. I have tried up to 40 mcg without good erection. Levitra gives some hardness without strong erection and I had hold the shaft. I am 60 yrs old. Please advise me. ## I didn’t get an erection until my fourth load of caverject, no pun intended. I tried 5, 10, 20 and 25 mcg, nothing. Then at 35 mcg, BOING. I think I found my dosage, although it is higher than expected. ## Actually it was units not mcg’s. I am at 45 units in a one milligram syr...

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Caverject Drug Information

Can you still use Caverject past the 3-month expiration date safely? ## Hello. I have a question about Caverject. I know it's an Ed drug. It was recommended to me a few years ago but not actually for the typical Ed problem. The tissue hardens but the size doesn't change. I was very overweight in my younger years and well embarrassingly so had problems with that and it or something close to it (an injectable medication) was recommended to me saying it would "put me in normal operating range". Is this true or is there something else like this that could help? This is a very touchy subject for me so please be nice. ## Bill, it does not become dangerous, once expired, but it may lose efficacy, so it would be better to dispose of it, and ask your doctor to prescribe more. The...

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Caverject and Etg testing

Will caverject cause a positive result for alcohol on an Etg test? My husband has to take an Etg test in 2 days for probation and we are worried that injecting caverject will cause him to fail. I'm just wondering if the alcohol in the injection is the equivalent to the alcohol that is on the test?

Caverject problem

Following radical prostatectomy prescribed caverject works but wife not impressed by hardness, previously on Viagra before op. Have tried 15mg no better but painful and erection lasted over 3 hours gone back to 10mg! Thinking of taking half a Viagra along with injection anyone else tried? I know leaflet with caverject says not to. (Since nerves went with op Viagra has no effect at all other than a red face) ## I've used both of them and my wife prefers the viagra. She says the caverject is too effective and my erection lasts too long-4-5 hours. ## Has anybody had leg swelling after using Caverject or Trimix, or any vascular side effect?

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Beware of long term usage of caverjet & mothers

Having used carverjet & other manufactures, please be aware that after about 3-4 years of Injecting scarring will Acurr over the period ,and you will notice it more difficult to pass is a slow process & you may not notice. However as time goes on it will more difficult to enter the needle, From my own experience I would advise you to stop using. Otherwise you could end up using a catheter bag. Things manufacturers do state , but not the outcome. ## Hi, I've been using Caverject for many years now, and a long time ago, about two and a half years ago I talked to my Dr about using my 31 gauge syringe that I use for my insulin, he couldn't find any info on it but told me to just try it, if it works then great if not then back to the 30 gauge, well the 31 gauge works...

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Is expired caverject dangerous to use?

I didn't use my injectable vasodilator when I first got it three years ago, but I kept it in the refrigerator. Now I want to use it. Is it dangerous to use so long after the expiration date or just less effective. I'd like to try it at least, but not if there's some dangerous chemical reaction that could cause damage over time. ## Hello, Lou! How are you? Liquid forms of medications can actually go bad, with time, so it would be best not to risk it and see your doctor for a new supply, if needed. The FDA lists the typical side effects of this medication as possibly including administration site bleeding, redness and irritation. Is there anything else I can help with?

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caverject vs viagra

I had a prostatectomy in 09 and used viagra for 4 years. I was finding that I couldn't maintain my erection long enough during intercourse, so went to a urologist. He suggested caverject. Although I was initially opposed to using such therapy, I decided to try it. It works, maybe too well. The urologist didn't do a good job determining a correct dose. He used 1cc or 20mcg's in his office, and I had a very hard erection. He gave me a tablet to take if it lasted too long and sent me away. It lasted long and I was terrified to go to hospital. I'm a runner and so I ran and after 4-5 hours it went down. I continued to use it myself and checked on with his nurse. She was better than he was and she recommended 1/2 of that amount or 1/2cc/10mcg's of caverject. That was too l...

Caverjet to treat ED

This medication is supposed to help treat erectile dysfunction. Does it work? ## I am retired and living in Costa Rica. I need to be prescribed Caverjet injections but I don't believe they prescribe it here. Is it possible to get a prescription filled from the United States remotely? ## I am from the Philippines, 74 years old, and am experiencing erectile dysfunction. Some years ago I was helped by Caverject, but all the drugstores here have run out of stock. Where can I fill a prescription of this medicine? Is it possible to have a prescription mailed?

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Caverject Inconsistency

Had Radical Prostectomy over 2 years ago, prescribed the usual Cialis (no effect), Penis Pump (works but you have to like the colour purple), Muse (poor effect with burning sensation) and finally Caverject. Like others first dose under supervision 10mg, almost instant erection (nurse was impressed!), was happy bunny, but 3 hours later less happy and wished it would subside, did eventually but realised dosage too high. Settled on 7.5 which worked well for a while then had several failures even though I was extremely careful with injection site, even with upped dose still unpredictable. As I have been using for some time was wondering if the issue of internal scarring on the site a problem, even though it has been varied at all times. Tried normal dose, if did not work pushed plunger back...

length of erection

I am wondering if there is anyone who has experience with Caverject who can tell me if the erection will remain even after ejaculation. I have both ED and PE and am hoping for something that will allow me to meet my mates needs. ## Did you use this in the meantime ?? I also need to know if it works. Will try it and see what is the outcome. Hope you come right !!! ## As a new user effected by radiation and colorectal cancer surgery and almost no sexual response after nearly two years of viagra, cialis and a penis pump it works like crazy! As long as you have the proper blood flow (your urologist can check this out easily). I just did my first dose in the doctors office this afternoon and within a few minutes (the drive home from the office) I was standing at attention and ready fro actio...

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