Casodex To Reduce Psa Levels After Prostatectomy (Top voted first)

Cathy Says:

My brother was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer and later had prostatectomy followed by rounds of chemotherapy. He was later prescribed abiraterone which he has been taking for 5 months up until August. His PSA doesn't seem to be going down since 5 months he's been on it. The PSA was checked on Wednesday September 29th and the result is at 38. Do you think Casodex alone or with Lupron will work better than Abiraterone at getting his PSA down? Thanks

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Tj Says:

It’s my understanding that Casodex and lupron should be taken together to get the best results. You can access many instructive and very optimistic videos from the Prostate Cancer Research Institute on YouTube regarding treatment options for stage 4 prostate cancer. Good luck!

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Cathy Says:

Re: Tj (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Thanks for your input.

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Cathy Says:

I was told by the doctor that casodex is not used for prostate cancer tx post prostatectomy! That is a statement I am needing to verify as I want my brother and I to be an informed participants in his care.

So my question here is: Is Casodex an appropriate and adequate treatment for prostate cancer post prostatectomy?

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Cathy Says:

This is an addendum to my earliest post:
I meant to write Casodex and lupron, not just casodex.

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