Carisoprodol/soma - Need A Doctor To Prescribe It!

steve Says:

I've been taking soma / carisoprodol off and on for 22 years. When I first took it, I was told to take two 350 mg at bedtime, and it was too much and I nicknamed it Coma! Later I learned that when I first start taking soma after not taking it for a long time to only take 1/4 tab, or even a bit less. Later I can take more as needed, but starting out 1/4 or even 1/8th helps when I haven't take it for a very long time. Now I can't find a doctor who will prescribe it, I read as much as I could find and asked as many, doctors, pharmacists why, and they said various things, but it seemed to come down to the medicine has fallen out of favor because of abuse, "A considerable proportion of carisoprodol is metabolized to meprobamate" (from Wikipedia and that there is abuse. I don't understand why, I've taken it for many years and never noticed any euphoria whatsoever, but apparently some do abuse it. I'm able to manage most of my cervical and lumbar pain without having to take the tylenol #4 I normally take, at most 1/4 tab of Tylenol #4.

So it helps me to do without or almost without opiates, and so my mind does not get that opiate feeling one gets in the head. But since the doctors won't give me Soma, I have to take the Tylenol #4. I've tried diazepam, works great, but makes driving dangerous and has a long half life, so it becomes more dangerous with time. metaxalone/ Skelaxin - ineffective methocarbamol/Robaxin ineffective and caused really bad restless leg syndrome. ZANAFLEX /(tizanidine about 5-10% effective, but caused my head to get cloudy and caused dizziness. I've heard about Baclofen (Lioresal, but haven't tried it yet, though I've heard it is effective. But soma works well without side effects, so I wish I could find a doctor that would prescribe it! any suggestions?

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Steve! How are you?

Any doctor can prescribe it, since it is just a muscle relaxant, but you might actually be shooting yourself in the foot by the manner in which you've been looking for the medication.

Asking a doctor if they'll prescribe a particular medication is something they are taught to see as drug seeking behavior and yes, this one is commonly abused, so you likely set off their warning bells.

What you really need to do is see a doctor, make sure they get a full copy of your current medical records and let them speak for you.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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steve Says:

I'm aware that asking for a particular medication is a red flag, however I'm not sure how to ask if asking is a red flag.

I suppose I could, if my insurance would allow me to see any doctor, but it does not, I don't have a ppo policy, unless I drop humana for a little while and use just medicare to visit a number of doctors about my back pain and then if they ask, what has helped you
, after I tell them what isn't working for me,
I really can't afford to go to a bunch of doctors on my own because I'm just on a disability income.

I thought of traveling 3 1/2 hours to see my old doctor who use to let me take soma and see if he would prescribe it for me, since I can talk to him about it, or could when I use to see him.

but other than that I'm not able to do anything.

I started baclofen today after I told my current doctor that tizanidine doesn't work,

I asked him about soma again, what would be a comparable replacement and why exactly won't he, or other doctors won't prescribe it, and he said nothing, since he said soma was really more a pain medicine he said, that it metabolizes into a medicine that is a pain medicine, he said two pain medicines, I read about it and that it metabolizes into one meprobamate,

anyway the wikipedia article says many countries are not allowing it, and many doctors won't prescribe it not, the dea made it schedule 4 January 11, 2012

before then, somewhere a few years ago, anyone would prescribe it, but it's really got a bad rap because quite a few abuse it.

a similar thing happened with promethazine with codeine, because of drug abusers, it's really difficult to get, though there are a few doctors who don't follow lock step with the majority.

those who abuse medications will find something to abuse, I knew of a guys little brother who inhaled final net hair spray and they found his body three days later in a field during the summer all bloated in the heat.

and there were others who I heard of who inhaled gasoline. and kids in 3rd world countries inhale glue.

so I think it's reverse logic to stop giving effective medicines because some abuse them.

of course all doctors should be careful with potentially abused medicines, but to entirely stop prescribing them seems wrong.

though I talked with one doctor who said he gave up his license to prescribe narcotics because the dea jumped on him because a patient was going around to many doctors complaining of migraine headaches, and obtaining some strong drug, I can't remember it's name.

but what do patients do when they are suffering?

Soma never gave me any euphoria, and didn't cause me to be sedated, when I first started taking it I learned that I had to take 1/4 or even 1/8th of a tab for the first few days until I got used to it.

But it didn't have much affect upon my head, and was very effective for the pain.

It was so effective that I was able to control my pain when it wasn't too bad on just 3 -350mg soma tabs a day without having to take any Tylenol #4's.
the Tylenol#4's do have a big affect upon my head, and it was great to be able to not take them at all.

the doctors who won't give me soma have no problem giving me Tylenol#4, so I asked one of them, "If soma is addictive, why do you give me Tylenol#4, and the reply was, "it's all we have to give you for pain (my pain level) that's effective, if we had something else, we wouldn't give it"
Sounds a bit like when my doctor tried to get the Spinal cord stimulation (SCS) - the electrical unit, and the insurance company denied it,
he called and asked the doctor who approves (or does not approve medical procedures) , "if you won't approve a minor invasive modern innovative procedure like the spinal simulator, why do you approve open back surgery?"

the insurance company doctor said "we've been approving open back surgery for many years, you don't want us to stop approving that do you?"

So while soma is very effective for many patients, I've read dozens of reports like mine, "it works, but my doctor won't prescribe it anymore"

I would much prefer to take nothing at all, or at least nothing that affects one's head, like advil or aleve.

I took elavil, and the dry mouth side effect cost me all my teeth, but other than that (LOL) it was a great medicine.

and then I took neurontin/ Gabapentin, also wonderful, until it had a major affect on my memory. - my doctor said "not everyone tolerates it"
and other than that (LOL) it was great.

Soma helps my pain with a minimal affect upon my head, but no one wants to prescribe it because of abuse and some bad reports.

I managed to make it from may till august with only advils, and physical therapy, but with cold weather perhaps the pain got worse.

I have some soma, but save it for really bad spasms and and restless leg syndrome.

so I am trying to adjust to baclofen, hopefully it will work somewhat well.

thanks very much

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Sick and tired Says:

I took soma for over 14 years never got addicted or took more then prescribed. I moved to Texas a little over a year ago. They act like Soma is the Black Plague here. I have had 2 fusions, one reputed disc, and the spinal cord stimulator. They did the stimulator in Texas. Well I am still in pain but I do take less meds now. Just found out Thursday my stimulator moved from t7/t8 to T9/T10. Now it messages my butt not my back. So now I have to have another surgery. This will be my 6th back surgery in 6 years (I am only 41). My muscle pain is the worst. The stimulator doesn't help with muscle pain. I have tried every other muscle relaxer even the ones that just hit the market. My copayment on these are over $100 and they still don't work. I do have Blue Cross Blue shield but because they are brand new they are extremely expensive. My copayment with Soma was under $10.

I went to my pain management Doctor Wednesday complaining cause all these other muscle relaxers give my migraines (I had a stroke at 21 and that is a side effect I still have). I asked again why can't I just be put back on Soma. His PA told me to try and see if my GP doctor will give me Soma cause he won't. Then next thing you know they told me to take a drug panel. Of course I passed, no way would I risk losing all my meds and help by taking stuff not prescribed to me. They treat us like junkies enough. I am sick and tired of us with true chronic pain to suffer cause of i****s. Plus those i****s still get somas, they just buy it from the streets. I have 2 young kids. My 5 year old is nonverbal and has severe autism. I need to be clear headed and able to take care if them especially her. Mostly I am in bed in horrible pain and can't take care of my children. I am sick and tired of being treated like a junkie or a piece of crap.

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steve Says:

I finally got to pain management and got soma
Trial for stimulator waiting for the permanent one
It won't be in the spine but under the skin
Feels like a Tins unit but not as strong but it helps

Have you tried a tins unit?
How about physical therapy
If you can do it it does help me with the muscle pain a lot
When I lived in the recliner and bed all the time my muscles got weaker and pain went much higher
Some therapy is too aggressive and always failed
The I took the two page exercise sheet
And worked on it home at my home at my own pace and had wonderful results
I still had lots of pain but the pain that had come due to my sedentary-recliner/bed 24/7 was reduced
It took a lot of effort to find a doctor who would prescribe soma

Along the way I asked an orthopedic surgeon who let me have a few and said the authorities were on top of soma and only pain management doctors could prescribe it
He agreed that he couldn't understand why they were so against soma
He had taken it for spasm and there were no negative effects associated with it and he was very much against opiate medicines
I don't have a PPO but if I'd of been turned down and could afford it that might have been my only alternative

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Co To Fl Says:

Sorry this is off topic, But VERWOn are you ok. This post from 2014 is last time I've seen you reply. You're a great part of medschat. Knowledgeable and kind and also suffer from Chronic pain so you don't judge and u know what we go would be great to know if you are ok

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Kaydee Says:

Soma. What & where are Drs prescribing soma

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Teachmod RNMS UCSF Says:

Well this is a result of our sick healthcare and legal system. Specifically the American Medical Association and the FDA. The CDC too because it should have intervened in the false rhetoric causing fear from some statistics. MD's won't risk their license for the perceived possibility of even slight questioning of their prescribing practice. So we suffer and search for anyone with compassion. We are given wrong information about pain that doesn't work. For a strange reason many health care professionals in this newer generation believe it's better for a person to suffer in pain than feeding an addict or causing addiction. Pain treatment needs to be removed from those diseases in order to have clarity of your patient in pain. Having the risk of addiction tied to withholding pain medication for someone in pain is insanity to me. Many other important medications are withheld form addicts or patients in pain because of this false idea. Logic: Pain is pain, is life threatening yet in most cases is easily treated with pain medication. The addict will get his fix one way or another why even place this problem on the chronic pain patient's back? Addiction is treatable. Pain, my friends you can't take back especially if you are aware of the severity people suffer. Most people are not aware of the severity and anguish and life altering costs of chronic untreated pain. It's much more apt to end in higher morbidity and mortality than simple addiction. When chronic pain patients are treated appropriately with these pain drugs they do not become the addict, and this is a well documented fact. Insanity my friends, has arisen from age old misinformation which causes fear. Currently the trend is for chronic pain patients to go to the streets to find relief from drug dealers. The FDA and CDC see these statistics before their eyes. The death toll for pain med abuse in younger people has stabilized but has shifted upwards to older people. Suicide has skyrocketed in the elderly in pain. Pain has never been adequately address for the majority of Americans. 50 % of people over the age of 70 have some aspect or disease that causes chronic pain. This isn't anything new, sadly, we are in a cycle of fear and pain now. The pendulum went so far that healthcare workers, being misinformed that it is better to prescribe an ineffective non narcotic than to risk losing a license from a DEA audit.(I've talked to a DEA agent and they aren't going around raiding clinics to arrest prescribers No it's quite rare that anyone is arrested! If they are, investigated the evidence must be overwhelming that they need outside help and education to bring them back to a norm. Everyone needs to bring the screaming down to a level where everyone can get their side heard. Write to your congressmen, to the AMA, ANA, your Governor and President. In health care it's always the squeaky wheel that gets the oil. So I suggest to let as many people know your predicament. Even if you are addicted to a pain med, in my education it's more important to risk giving you your fix than it is in NOT giving a patient in pain their prescribed medicine. I've been a critical care nurse since 1979. I'll never forget in nursing school the wisdom of my instructor. My instructor told me to "stop right now and drop what you are doing and give that patient that needed her pain med, her meds!" She (instructor) said, "this is a top priority! The instructor told me the right thing, and she also said this lady has some evidence of possible drug abuse in the past so all the more reason to keep her comfortable because she may be tolerant to the pain med. Now,however, remind her (instructor still talking to me)that she's safe taking pain med for legitimate pain, but if she goes the abuse route it's going to be a much tougher life and battle than this surgery. I thought that was absolutely a perfect way to handle that situation. The truth with facts is healing! Health care workers need to take off their Sheriff badges and get back to taking care of people. I for one would easily risk a review of my pain pill giving history than let any patient I'm taking care of sit in pain. It's unheard of in my era. Not so now folks. Not so now. Your voice must be heard! But imagine this, the USA thankfully still appropriately prescribes pain meds accurately. Many other countries simply don't deal with the balance of this important issue and have nothing more than aspirin for pain. Children suffer the most. I don't think we'll go that way but we need some common sense and compassion again and use facts against fears. U/A's on chronic pain patients is highly nonproductive. All studies thus far conclude it adds nothing to patient well being. But creates distrust on both sides of patient and MD. Do something about it if you are in pain. Don't sit in silence in agony contemplating suicide. The FDA doesn't keep track or place overdoses as a possible suicide so their statistics are wrong. Believe me I know what pain is from inside and out, but our prescribers' have never experienced nor can they experience this level of pain unless they get the disease themselves. So it's YOU that must get this point across to them and make sure they hear you. There is the myth of a patient seeking drugs for recreation only gives off tell tale signs known as red flags. What MD's aren't educated about is the patient in real pain. -That person in pain easily will throw up dozens of red flags simply out of fear of not having access to the med. For many, no access must mean suicide, sadly, for those that give up. This isn't hyperbole it's the current statistics right now.

To be blunt, I suppose it's better that 75 y/0 grandma dies of what appears as an OD but really is a suicide because she can't get her next refill. Than to have her granddaughter die from experimenting with Grandma's pain pills and dies of an uneducated overdose. This is the shift, and the FDA/CDC knows it right now. The CDC or a common sense lawmaker leader needs to intercede right now. Reason must prevail from all sides because when the MD or Nurse that held or wouldn't give pain meds has their time for that need and can't get them too will realize their loss of compassion to the sick, disabled, people in chronic pain, probably only then they will realize what that flawed, outdated policy regarding pain treatment vs addiction was so terribly wrong. Now they are paying for it. That time will arrive without people speaking up right now! . If you don't have the energy to do it for yourself then do it for your kids and grandchildren. The health care system has failed miserably in this area retreating to selfish needs because of non existent issues of their license. Doctors lose their art of medicine along with compassion and will find them easily replaced by vending machines. I'm serious it's coming. If you can't offer more than a computer then you'll be replaced-soon. MD's and RN's needed to take a leadership role when legislators respond only to numbers and statistics,. Compassion is lost if allowing their patient to live or die in pain.

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lyndsej Says:

I have run into the problem with Soma - Taken it for 23 years - one at night. I have 5 vertebrae with compression fractures and suffer severe muscle spasms in my back. All of a sudden Soma is forbidden but I can get as much vicodin as I want. I have begun ordering online - don't want to but feel I am forced to.

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Karma Says:

Any one know pain management Doc in Sarasota/Bradenton that still prescribes soma

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John M Says:

How do you order Soma? I have been on it for years and now my new doctor in San Antonio refuses to prescribe it to me. They also moved me from Lortabs to Norcos. Then from the Norcos to Tramadol. Honestly the Tramadols help me more than any of the hydrocodone variations, but others think that is not possible. Why are they moving my meds around and refusing Soma when it allowed me to work long hours?

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Boston Says:

Willll it help that you've been on it for four months prior to meeting your new doctor?

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Thomas Says:

I was on soma for a while, and it really worked, I have major back issues so went to a pain management clinic and he refused to give me my sims and gave me xanaflex which made me feel like a took zanex mixed with benedril, I took it two days and could not do it, so I later went to another clinic because it is much better only have to go two months instead of every month and the doctor is awsome, but as I was reading the contract it said we do not prescribe soma, I was stumped, soma never got me loaded and it's a beautiful combination with your pain meds, so I went to my regular doctor and he gave me back my soma, but I tell you it gets a really bad rap, it's weird.

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lyndsey Says:

It's the DEA that's causing the issue. I went the online route. Haven't had an issue with it.

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Marlene Says:

May someone tell me how long carisoprodol will take to get out of my system for urine tox? Took several over past few days(350) and realized I need my app't in 5 days. Thank you! (math not being my strong suit-may I get direct answer? Thanks again

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linds Says:

I bought some too. they came from india. it says PAIN O SOMA on the packaging. they are awful. either they're fake or really weak. nothing like soma. I was thinking of just going to urgent care and seeing if they will help me out. I mean they have handed me Norco and cough syrup with codeine like candy, so why not soma? PLEASE HELP.

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Kaylee Says:

I was diagnosed from my urologist with Interstitial Cystitis almost 15 years ago and it changed my life forever. My pain doctor who I was seeing bad a home invision happen at his home and his wife was killed and he beaten within an inch of his life. I have new doctor now and she is great but when I spoke to her with prescribing me Soma like my previous pain doctor did which help me the most she told me there practice will no longer issue that medication. She told me to call my other doctors to see if they will help me. Can you please let me know what type of doctor I would have to best luck with? I have been suffering with the worse flare ever and I know the Soma will help.

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Godsaven Says:

Brother is not an exact science it's all about the doctor, my pain management won't prescribe soma either, they give that trash xanaflex or flexaril. It's like please don't insult me with that garbage, I'm very fortunate that my Primary DR gives it to me, I feel for you bro, I hope you find a Doctor that understands soma works for you, the other crap does not.

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AVP Says:

I've been taking Soma 350mg 4x a day for the past 6 addition to other opiod pain medication for a number of serious back issues. I take drug panels through my Pain Mgmt. Doctor EVERY SINGLE TIME THOUGH. Of course I pass as I would never want to risk losing my meds.

But yeah, every month I get a script for 120 350mg Somas. 4x a day. No problems whatsoever. But I guess I'm just lucky to have a great doctor whom cares legitimately about helping me. And I still dont understand why people abuse them. I never felt any euphoria from them at least...

But funny how the FDA says opiates are ALL GOOD but GOD FORBID you have a little cannabis. That's the definition of both irony and ludicrous alike haha...

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ChfCluso Says:

If you are located close enough, you can purchase Soma OTC in Mexico. Just buy it at a local pharmacy across the border.
I have the same issue, and have taken Soma, abuse free, for almost 20 years. I've tried to tell the Dr.s , just look at my history, I have never abused Soma, or any drug for that matter. Not that I'm super human or better than anyone else, First, I never get a "good" feeling from opiates or Soma or any other medication. I have always had a high tolerance even before my back injury.

When I was a child & would go to the dentist he would have to give me 5-6 shots of Novocaine instead of 1. It's horrible being in the 1% of people with the type of chemical make-up that just throws off opiates like they're nothing. My neurosurgeon said I have a body that just eats opiates & spits them out. I even woke-up, that's right, woke-up during surgery on my back, wow, that was unpleasant, they put me right back out & my anesthesiologist apologized later, & it has not happened since. But that's a tough way to get a doctor to believe you need 3-4 times more than the normal person just to start getting slight pain relief.

Nurses are the funniest, whenever I've been hospitalized & am moving back onto orals from IV meds to go home, nurses look at the cup full of pills I have to take & ask, are you sure you can take all of these at once? I just tell them to come back in an hour & I'll still be watching TV. I never sleep in the hospital unless they really knock me out. So, when the nurse comes back I just wave & laugh, in pain. They try giving me a bunch of sleeping pills, etc...I tell them just st to give me a second Soma & it will was the muscle spasms enough that I might go to sleep, but they won't or can't without getting OK from Dr. So they give up after 4-5 Ambien or something else, saying well we don't want to kill you. I tell them to check my blood pressure, which is always right on & they say well it could change anytime, but it never does.

What you have to understand is that if you don't fit in the normal range, you are out if luck, unless you can find a REAL Dr. Who truly is concerned with managing your pain. They are getting harder & harder to find. Now most Dr.s just want a big payday, while covering their own butt, & not get into trouble with the DEA or other Gov. Agency. My last pain management Dr. Was forced to retire because she cared about her patients & went right to the edge in prescribing whatever they needed, even off-label. Nobody ever died or was ever even hospitalized, but because the Gov. Has unlimited or sour and s to keep you in court eternally, she simply could not afford to keep fighting them. She was close to retirement age wish retired, even though she felt terrible for abandoning her patients. I used to drive with severe chronic back/leg pain from permanent severe nerve damage for 3 hours 1 way just to see her, because she cared, she would right the scripts I needed in the amounts I needed & would make sure I had 3 months of refills each time I saw her. And, each time she would thoroughly check me, with phone calls every 2 weeks in between appointments. Would've gone more but 6 hours of driving just about killed me, pain wise each time I drove to see her.

Why did I drive so far? Because I cant find 1 true Dr. In my region & I've been everywhere & asked everyone, I have to go to 3 different Dr.s now to get only a part of the meds I need to have any kind of life. I have yet to find anyone who really cares about managing my pain down to a point where I can live at least a little. Haven't found any that will prescribe Soma, I was talk g a 350 every 3-4 hours & never had a side-effect or any problem (many blood tests, etc...all signs Optimal), and, all I'm asking is for the normal prescription of 1x's 6 hr.s but still cannot find 1 Dr to do it. Despite a totally clean record of 20 years! Unbelievable!

So, I just found out that Mexico sells Soma 350mg right OTC. And, in looking into it I found that it's true. So, if I can't find a Dr. To help me, I will help myself. I only live about 6-7 hours away from the southern border. And, I'm a pilot. Won't text anymore than that or I sound like a runner, which I'm not.

So, you can only imagine the conversations I have with, Dr.s... I need more (He's an addict), I've tried that med it doesn't work, but this one does, (he's an addict) I've tried all your muscle relaxers, and I have, they either make me sick from the side effects & don't work, or they just don't work period, but Soma worked great for me for 20 years, without any abuse! (He's got to be an addict) I think you get the point. (I see this going on in their heads as I try to explain, but they've already stopped listening at the 1st red flag in their mind, even though I'm telling the truth & now I know he's an addict, he claims to be telling the truth) So, at least you can know there's others out here with the same issues. So, frustrating to tell your supposed Dr. The TRUTH yet they will not believe you & actually treat you as a liar. I only go to those guys, a & use them until I can find someone else, but what do you do when you live in a smaller region (population wise) & your getting down to no Dr.s left to try?

Everywhere having this problem & if you read the new FDA Recommendations to doctors for the next 3-5 years, you will see that they are pressuring the Dr.s to get even more strict with opiate scripts & are encouraging Dr.s to do anything to get people off opiates. That's great if you don't need them PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THEM. THEY WILL RUIN YOUR LIFE! If you don't know how to properly handle them, they will handle you! And, you can lose everything friend, even your life. But, for those who do need them, there is nothing wrong with narcotic therapy. I won't go into having a support system, etc...I have a masters in Psychology & a Doctorate, so I'm a doctor, just not the script writing one.

So, be praying for you!

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Karma123 Says:

Are you in Tampa, Sarasota area and who is your pain Dr for Somas?

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