Can't Find Wegovy In Stock North Carolina

Gina Says:

Does anyone know who carries Wegovy in the Raleigh/Durham NC area? My pharmacy (Walgreens) can't get it.

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Kaypen Says:

I wanted wegovy for my diabetes and the weight loss that comes with that.. I don’t know if this helps you are not... but I was prescribed Ozempic my insurance covered this and it was a life changer week one I had no appetite. I could control completely what I put in my mouth. It’s week two and I have never felt better I am losing weight and my blood glucose is almost at normal level without having to take my diabetes medication. I’m not on insulin just pills. I love Ozempic and feel as I have a fighting chance
Hope this helps

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London Says:

Re: Kaypen (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Thanks. I will have to try this can’t find Wegovy anywhere in Charlotte too.

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Anne Says:

There is a shortage of ozempic and trulicity due to the high number of off label prescriptions being written. It's intended for type 2 diabetics and very obese people. It's being given to people who solely want to lose weight. Diabetics are unable to get the meds they need. Production is behind.

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Bush Says:

Do anyone know any Pharmacy in the Raleigh/Durham area who has Wygovy?

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Michelle Says:

Try Amazon, the pharmacy side. I’m not in NC but that’s where I have my prescription (cost $0.01)

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