Canine Keflex/cephalexin

BJ Says:

Can Canine Keflex/Cephalexin 500mg also be taken by humans? It was given to my dog for an ear infection since there are some left I was wondering if I could take the rest for an upper respiratory infection (due to seasonal allergies)? The capsule is pale green in color with the # 219 printed on the capsule. Thanks


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Nikki Says:

My dog has been chewing himself raw and i was giving him amoxicillin. I want to know is it safe I give him a light green pill that says 219 219 on it, since I ran out of the amoxicillin?

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Kevin Says:

Hello BJ,

According to the NIH this pill is intended for animal use only, the bottle itself states that if consumed by you on accident that you should immediately consult your doctor and go the ER. So I think it's safe to assume that this medication should not be taken by humans. If you feel that you need some medication for your upper respiratory infection then I suggest you consult your primary care physician and get antibiotics that are designed for this purpose.

I hope this answers your query, have a wonderful holiday season.

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