Cancer Healing With Fucoidan Natural Treatment

Rhema3733 Says:

My grandfather went to the doctor and was told that he was most likely going to get leukemia. He is already diabetic and we didn't want to put him on chemotherapy. We did a lot of research and found this seaweed called fucoidan that has cancer cell killing properties. We ordered some of this. It comes in a bottle that you keep in the fridge. After a month of taking it, he went back to the doctor and found out that he was starting to improve and white blood cell count is up. This was a blessing. Just thought I would share where we found this information on the healing properties of the seaweed. Has anyone else heard of or tried this approach? lists numerous third party, independent studies on Fucoidan from scientists all over the world dating back to the 1970s. You can search their site for information about it, or even narrow your search to articles specifically mentioning cancer. For example: Pubmed: fucoidan/cancer.

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Noel Says:

I use a product called Limu, which contains Fucoidan. I just found out I have breast cancer and take Limu daily but still have to have a mastectomy on March 19th to get it out of me. It will be part of my after-care to do herbs and life changes. I will not do chemo or radiation but will use everything I can, including a complete green diet to strengthen my immune system. Cancer is too complicated to try to "cure" it with just supplements but that doesn't mean you shouldn't use them. I sure plan to rather than taking poisonous chemo that I cannot possibly afford anyway. A wonderful site is 'chrisbeatcancer'. Very inspiring.

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goldfinder2 Says:

You should also research information on Jim Humble. He discovered the "Water purification solution" Chlorine Dioxide gas which can be dissolved in water and (when used properly), is said to cure 95% of all diseases. Another is to Google "Baking Soda and Cancer". Good Luck.

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Noel Says:

I never had the surgery, praise God. They said they canceled it because it had spread to three tiny spots. I was praying for no surgery. Further testing found two spots were not cancer. One on my hip is but I am putting frankincense on that daily as it has been proven to be the essential oil to kill cancer. I feel marvelous.

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