Can You Take Benzos While You're On Suboxone?

SubPatient Says:

I've been seeing a lot of posts regarding taking benzos while on Suboxone. It is ok to take a benzo w/ suboxone - as long as you're taking the prescribed dosages you'll be fine. Now if you're taking 3 or 4 8mgs of Suboxone and say 5 or 6 Xanax that's not good, that's where the reported deaths have come from. I've been on Subs for 5 yrs. I've also been subscribed klonopin and am currently taking valium w/ it and it's fine. I'm on a low dose and only take what I am prescribed.

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jake Says:

Dude are you sure about that? Are you a doctor? Maybe you shouldn't advise people on the subject when not knowing all your facts..

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Verwon Says:

I have to agree with Jake, if you are not a medical professional, then there is no way to say for certain what is safe for any particular patient.

Some people do use Benzodiazepines and narcotics together, some can't, it depends on dosage, other medications they may be taking and other medical conditions they may be under treatment for.

No one can really make this call except for a doctor.

The other issue, of course, is that Benzodiazepines can also be highly addictive, so if someone is using Suboxone to get off of drugs, then giving them something else they may become addicted to doesn't seem very prudent, does it?


The concommitant use or narcotics with Benzodiazepines can also result in more cardio and respiratory depression, which could endanger some people's lives.


Does anyone have any questions?

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nikkigz1985 Says:

Im not sayin im a dr but ths site is for questions an answers and im goin by what my past drs have told me as long as its a low dose youll be fine ppl were thinkin regardless if yu mixe the two that something would happen now if ou abuse t yes i is a deadly mix

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Steven Says:

Please stop being dumb!

If you actually study the subject you will find out that vast majority of those deaths were due to people 'Shooting-Up' LARGE doses of Benzo's while on Subutex/Suboxone.

24mg's of Suboxone with 5mg of Valium per day is OKAY
(The okay was from my Doctor.)

ASK YOUR DOCTOR then get a second opinion!

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nikkigz1985 Says:

You are right only drs are certain but who said this was a site for drs its just a regular persons outlook on things this is info ive shared i did get frm my doctor i dont understand why u ppl even go to these sites for info it doesnt say your gonna get the info frm a doctor than you get info an than reply to ppl by tellin them their not a doctor well no s*** if you want drs advice dont come to the site cuz nobodys a doc on here just people that have personal experience w/this stuff

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pplonlinerdumb Says:

Benzos and Suboxone, or benzos and narcotic pain killers. The benzos definitely add to the effcts, making them stronger.

you people need to stop putting so much stock in you Dr.

Everyone's body is different. People have different tolrances to diff meds. It all depends on each case by case basis. ive taken 10mg of xanax with 100mg of morphine IR. also many klonopins (more common) with oxys and every other opiate. i just got higher.

Right now i just took 6, 2mg klons and 1, 30mg temazepam. and im about to take my 8mg Suboxone, shold be nice.

On anoter note, I get 90, 10mg Valiums soon and has any else found them weak as hell? Maybe I got a tolerance quick with those things.

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nikkigz1985 Says:

Ok people I understand everyone is differnt and responds differnt to differnt medication of course everyone responds differnt,I was just seeing people talk about how theyve heard of ppl dying from taking the like someone else posted thats bc they were shooting it up and/or abusing it.With any medication ppl react differnt but as long as u take it right an dont have any normal side effects than youll be fine

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helena poe Says:

what over the counter
medicines can you not take while taking suboxone?

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freedom Says:

I am prescribed 2mg klonipon 2xs a day and 24mg suboxone. I have a long history of opiate abuse (heroin,pills etc) and also an anxiety disorder, ptsd etc. Basically the point I would like to make is that my dr and my treatment team all know what meds i'm on. I'm doing great and finally feeling like I might make it through this. Trust your docs and be honest, and like someone was saying everyone is different, so what works for one person may not for another.

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Anthony Says:

I have an unreasonably huge tolerance to Benzos', Opiates, and all the rest. similar to you.
I agree that the valiums are just the most weak out of the whole benzo family.
-just figured id share my thoughts.

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please not now Says:

sounds like you're just looking to get totally wasted. And from what you're taking you'll get there, no problem! I think some people maybe asking because they're on Suboxone to help with w/d's from the opiate family: and some find they still need a benzo to ease the w/d symptoms.
I remember when I was where you are now. I sometimes romanticize it and get envious; then I remember the hell I was really in and envy goes away.
good luck to you

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Emily Says:

Hey everyone, ive been on painkillers for 6years and ive had it. Im just really afraid of wd's. How long do the symtoms last about and does suboxone really help alot. Or should I go cold turkey? Any opion will help me please.

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Emily Says:

Also when I read about going cold turkey so many people said u can take benzos to help u sleep , muscle relaxers and otc meds and also a blood pressure med for the sweating and shaking. But I want to be clean asap . Any opinions on which way to go and whats quicker and easier for me?

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subenKs00 Says:

suboxone has been a miracle for on 3 8 mg subs a day and 2 klonopin 2 mg a day... and i was comin off heroin, dilaudid, and fentanyl....needless to say, i was a bad junkie....but yes, suboxone has been a miracle for me...not only does it almost completly take away w/d, but youre actually motivated to go out and get ur s*** together...i highly reccomend to your dr., and im sure he will have no problem helpin you out.. but always use as prescribed, cause like other narcotics, subs can be addicting, and in some cases harmful if u over do it.

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Melissa Says:


Like you, I was once addicted to opiates. I tried cold turkey and let me tell you - I don't care what other (non-opiate) med you have to help the wd symptoms they are still really tough to take. I tried a couple times and couldn't get through even 2 days. So now I'm on suboxone.

That being said, suboxone has its cons. It's a partial opioid so it's also addictive, meaning you can't just one day stop or you will be back to the wds. I have been on it for 2 years and now I'm thinking about tapering. I only take one film a day (8mg) which I'm told is low. Most people take three. I don't understand why I only need one since I had a pretty heavy habit - got up to about 150 mg a day of percocet or oxy. But anyway, another issue for a lot of people is the cost. For me it's definitely cheaper than my percocet addiction but I had to search to find a doctor who wasn't outrageously expensive because my ins. didn't cover it. So I found one that was about $150 for the first visit and $80 each consecutive visit. I get insurance through school which covers the script but I only have $900 prescription coverage per school year so usually by March I have to pay out of pocket, which is about $250 a month for the 30 films. Lucky I don't need 90 a month or I'd be screwed!

My advice: talk to a doctor about starting on suboxone. You have to start feeling mild withdrawal before you take your first dose. That's very important. I went to and found my doctor through that site.

Good luck to you. I curse the day I took my first percocet and the emotional and financial damages those pills cost.

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Katie Campbell Says:

I was in the same boat as you are in. I was severely addicted to opiates then I decided I was done. I called up a suboxone dr and he told me to stop taking everything 12 hours before my appointment. At my appt he gave me a suboxone and within 10 minutes my withdrawls were gone and I felt like a new person. I wasn't high I felt great I felt normal! The dr made me stay there for a bit to see how much I needed to feel normal then I went home. It's been a life saver for me. I don't even think about opiates anymore!

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chasedragon Says:

dont do drugs? haha should take my own advice, but thats the best i can give anyone. as for benzos and suboxone.... im alive....thats all i can say too. just dont over do it. peace 28 hour into withdrawl from heroin did 4mg of suboxone and i only have RLS gonna try to sleep.

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qwerty Says:

RE: Valiums - I'm on 16 mg of Suboxone per day and a I also take asst. benos for anxienty. Valium is the ONLY one I can't feel at all. Klopoin/Rivotril or Xanax are the only one's that seem to affect me in a way I can feel. However, when I had trouble sleeping, I took a blue Roche Xanax and it actually did get me to sleep.

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qwerty Says:

Not to get all "high horse" (no pun intended, but I think most older drug users are not trying to "get wasted". They're trying to control how they feel at any given moment, for a specific reason. I might double my Klonopin if I have a huge presention or a heavy workload.

100 years ago, anyone could walk into the "chemists" and access whatever substance they felt they needed. Sure, a few idiots overdosed, but MANY notable historical figures that have given back plenty to society would be considered "junkies" today.

Somehow we the people allowed the powers that be in the 20th century to create a culture of control.

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AME Says:

klonopin is very very weak in my DR. put me on them for 1 month and then he swittched me to xanax...they work WAY better!!

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