Can U Snort Pgn 150

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Pat berg Says:
I was wondering what happened I you snorted pgn 150 or what would happen if you took 4 at once

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Verwon Says:
These are 150mg Lyrica capsules, which contain the active ingredient Pregabalin, it is an anticonvulsant that has also been shown to help with certain types of nerve pain.

It is not a narcotic and will not get you high, therefore snorting it, or taking 4 or more at once is only likely to make you sick, or cause a dangerous overdose.

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howie f. Says:
I gotta call bulls*** if you eat 4 150mg lyrica u will get high but I recomend you start small and work your way up.

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batgirl Says:
can you get high from taking a pgn 150

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Lynette Morris Says:
I need a Xanax high feeling so can 150 milagrams make me feel like that bc Im out of me zs

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sweet ass Says:
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Xanax has a shorter half life and is stronger than other Bezos, don't you think? As far as Mg, if i take 2Mg (a bar) of xanax...what mgs would i have to take of valium and klonopin (sp)) to reach the same effect of 2Mg xanax? Also, why is xanax stronger? Shorter half life? Thank u!

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LiCi Says:
I'm bipolar, and I also have neuropathic pain. I take Lyrica 150mg for the pain. What I've noticed about Lyrica, especially if I've missed a couple of doses and start taking it again, it seems to trigger a mild hypomanic feeling. The feeling is not dramatic, not really a high, but more noticeable than coffee or an energy drink.

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HiedeeHoe Says:
I have taken 200mg of Lyrica and wholy smokes was so whacked out I called out of work b/c i couldnt even drive. It was a fun high..not so much euphoric, more loss of body control and coordination..kinda like drunk but with out the mental blurriness. I also felt extreme anxiety...and at one point a strong tingling all over my body, similar to when your foot falls asleep. Had I been mentally prepared for such a "trip" It would have been much better, more enjoyable. I cannot say I wont be trying it again.

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SWilliamsRN Says:
Xanax is designed for short time use and for faster desired effect (to calm anxiety) thats why it's half life is shorter. Due to the shorter half life it's more addicting because of the fast high

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momoney Says:
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I take 2 150mg lyrica and I'm high.

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