Can Percocet And Flexeril Be Taken Together

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I take Percocet and Flexeril and was told by the doctor to wait a couple of hours before I take one or the other. What are the possible side effects, positive and negative?

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Verwon Says:

More than likely he advise to space them apart because they can both cause central nervous system depression. This can cause your breathing to slow and be shallower, a slower heart rate and etc.

Using them both together can also worsen some other side effects, that they both can cause, such as drowsiness, dizziness and nausea.

He is probably trying to minimize this for you.

If you use them as he instructed you to, you may be able to get better pain control. Many doctors prescribe a muscle relaxant, like Flexeril, along with other pain management medications. Reducing the tenseness in the muscles can help lessen the amount of pain a person is suffering from.



Do you have any other questions?

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Chris420 Says:

Yes, I am Rx'ed flexeril, klonopin, xanax, restoril (temazepam 30mg's), roxicodone 30mgs, 8mg dilaudid and much more and I take them altogether daily. I dont recommend this if ur not opioid tolerant but flexeril and a pain killer works great and are prescribed together all the time. I'm an RN so I deal w/ this mix all day and more!

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BackPainHelp Says:

Chris420 sounds like a crackhead and you should not listen to him and you should never mix any of the drugs he listed without a doctor's explicit instructions. Get instructions from your doctor, not an RN. At least call your local pharmacy and ask the pharmacist whether anything you take is contraindicated with anything else you need to take. Chris420 if you really are an RN, which I doubt, you should be fired.

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coconutjen Says:

LOL! WTF? Please don't take those things together.

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ARNP Says:
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OMG!!! I'm a real ARNP and my professional medical opinion is that Chris420 is insane for taking all those things together. I would hate to have my life in his hands. You are a disgrace for all medical professionals out there. If your dr ok's it you may take a 10mg flexeril and a 5/325 Percocet. One is a muscle relaxer and one is a pain killer. If he advised you otherwise he/she knows your case and knows why they did it. Follow your dr's instructions is my opinion. DO NOT listen to that fool

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Stud Says:

Chris 420 is 100% right are you an RN I am and we give prescriptions ALL DAY LONG!!! It's okay to take them together. I would suggest spacing them but for people I give it to in the hospital I crush up all kinds of crap in their pudding (hydrocodone, muscle relaxers, breakthrough medicine like ultram) AND GUESS WHAT EVERYONE AND I MEAN EVERYONE LIVES HONESTLY get an education....

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amys78 Says:
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Can I take 1 percoset and one 100 mg trazadone within 2 hours of each other? Been taking trazadone for over a year, prescribed percoset today for pinched nerve and osteoarthritis. Thanks for any help!

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puttingbulliesinabullcage Says:
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Chris & Stud are right! Gosh! My doctor prescribes me percocet 10/325 and flexeril 10 at the same time. And for Chris to be prescribed all of those, who are you to judge? Jerks... This is why we have "bully" issues! Apparently, it is OK to take whatever a person takes. I have 12 pills I take a day. Including zanaflex, flexeril, percocet, neurottin, xanax, trazadone and many others. And that's my "cocktail" I call it. Lol lighten up guys. No one here is dead. And NOONE here is a DOCTOR. So unless you can prove it, you could be a 12 year old kid just messing with people or a 80 year old perv who likes getting his/her rocks off by messing with peoples heads and feelings. Being a bully is not the answer. Backpainhelp, I really feel sorry for your loved ones. Calling people crackhead? Mama always said "it takes one to know one". I really can't believe, whatever ages you are, that you would stoop so low. I really hope you mean ones do not have children. My boys are polite, caring, mature, respectful and responsible SIX YEAR OLDS!! its sad when a child is more compassionate and friendly than their elders. Wow, if I were a parent to a rude little jerk, I would be ashamed, embarrassed and shocked. We know what we know and we are on sites like this one, to help people. NOT to bash what others say and make ourselves feel higher and mightier. Because obviously, you're compensating for the lack of in your real day to day life.

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DrJenn Says:

As pharmacist (PharmD), let me answer the question and also explain why I see some "red flags" in this thread.

First, cyclobenzaprine and Percocets can be taken together... with caution. The combination can cause CNS depression (slowed heart rate, decreased respiratory rate, sedation), however they both work via different mechanisms which makes this combination not as concerning to me as others. I would recommend trying to space them out by a few hours, and if a person had been on the Percocets or other opioid pain medications prior, I'd be even less concerned about taking them together due to opioid tolerance. This combination is something I see quite frequently prescribed by doctors..especially in situations of back and neck pain.

Second, to end this debate. There are many red flags about these "cocktails". Xanax, Klonopin, and Restoril are all benzodiazepines--- no doctor would prescribe all THREE to be taken TOGETHER at the same time...they all work the same mechanistically at the GABA receptor, it is just their chemistry causes them to metabolize differently and have different durations or capabilities of penetrating the blood brain barrier. There is absolutely no medical reason-- the patient would be completely knocked out. Maybe Klonopin OR Xanax in the am, and Restoril at bedtime... but not together.
The other red flag is that all the pain killers are short acting (roxicodone and dilaudid). If a person is in chronic pain (which it sounds like), the standard treatment is a long acting pain killer (8-12-24 hours duration) and then a short acting opioid for break-through pain.
The End.

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Kathryn Savarese Says:

Please remember that medications like Flexeril and Percocet, or any other CNS depressant can be deadly. Central Nervous System Depressants are a serious matter. Mixing more than two at a time can cause major breathing issues as well. If you must take more than one CNS depressant, please follow the directions that your doctor ordered. Also, if you have more than one doctor make sure that all your doctors know how many CNS depressants you are taking. Good luck with all that you do and if you ever feel like you are dependent on these medications, ask for help.

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Seal Says:
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Hello Dr. Jenn, my names is Basille. I like how you broke down your thorough explanation of meds and how they metabolize differently in a person's body. However, the reason I am reaching out to you is because I have some serious medical conditions myself and would like to speak to you and have a more detailed discussion with you pertaining to my chronic pain. I am only 23 yrs old from Philadelphia, and have been suffering from on going pain for over 5 yrs now. I would appreciate if you have the time to reach back with me and I look forward to it, Thank you and I appreciate it. Good day

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Christine Says:

Why are you consulting a website? You have no idea who you are getting advice from! ASK YOUR DOCTOR! HE is the one who prescribed the meds!

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Me Says:
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Yes I did, LAST YEAR when I posted this. It was midnight when I posted my question and was in a lot of pain; was hoping someone could offer some advice. So relaaaaaaax.

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marley Says:

what can happen if i drink 2 lite beers and feel high?

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Jaxon Says:
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I'm curious... How are you able to keep up with a nursing job on those medications? Even with tolerance don't they make it difficult for you to concentrate and keep up with the pace of your work? I used to need these medications also but not even half of what you listed and was unable to keep working at a similar type job. I certainly tried but kept getting let go. How do you do it?

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Angel body Says:

Dr jenn I agree with , I'm no doctor but I am pretty smart when it comes to medication only because I bother to read about what was prescribed to me and learn what they are and so on. I'm 36 years old and learned a lot simply by educating myself and mixing drugs can be very dangerous. Everyone's body tolerates med different and depends on their medical history and age. Elderly people for example don't do well on some meds for multiply reason, you should know your body what conditions you have, and always ask a pharmacist or doctor concerning meds.

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diane Says:
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I had to go to the e r i have sciatica, i have been takeing xyanx 1st bedtime. For 29 yrs. No problem. The er doc. Gave me hydrodone. 5 mg. And flexeril 20 mg. And naproxen 500 mg, can i take these meds all at once, and why would the er dic give me flexaeril., hydrodone, and also naproxen, all at once ! Seriously. Please , professionals, reply. Thank uou.

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susan Says:
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I take Percocet, klonapin (sp), ambien,prevastatin, synthroid, clonazapam,2blood pressure meds and flexeril as needed...have for .years. I'm 66 and doing my part building a home. I'm hurting right now but I've worked 2&3 jobs my my whole life. I want to live until I die, if you get my drift. No, the RN is not a druggie. She is working for a living, not living off society. Do what it takes, muscle through the pain thats left after you take your prescribed meds. Dont judge others till you've walked or worked in their shoes. If you cut a few years of your life you will never know. I know a lot more old drunks than I do old doctors.

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Bradp op Says:
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Lol absolutely no side effects the side effects you describe are less than the one on the side of ibuprofen they got for me tell you that too many reasons more than any he's probably trying to protect you feel the least amount of a for you that's spelt wrong it is voice recognition lol euphoria out of it anyway I advise them together you are on sucks get on back 60 milligrams today that's a nerve block pain it is a maltese truck see you on that start with good also mehsucks get on back 60 milligrams today that's a nerve block pain it is a maltese truck see you on that start with good also soma you may feel better but its not doing better keep some at your life but to answer your question you'll be just fine.

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Bradp op Says:
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black pain if she wanted a doctor's opinion she would have asked for Dr not peoples opinions on the form says the purpose in the form understand to get real life experiences the RN is dead on the money I have patience for 14 years with drawing them he cannot but he cannot be just rightvery true accurate advice from the RN your tolerance to opiates absolutely unbelievable do what you can take I Presley withdrawn people over 14 years yes I'm using voice recognition I don't have time to talk to you I have time to help didn't your mother tell you if you don't have anything nice to say don't speak I'm not going to piss with you on this form cuz I will make you look like a foolnow to the rest of you if you need help I have dedicated my life to over 14 years to help people like you I enjoy it ask away

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