Can I Take Cb1 Weight Gain Pills?

Denise Says:

I was wondering if I can safely take CB1 along with prescription drugs?

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Mama Says:

Can I take CB 1 pills even I'm taking a Blood Pressure medicine like Losartan ?

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VerFree Says:

Since it is an over the counter supplement that is not FDA approved, there have not been any studies done regarding its safety when combined with prescription medications.

The main issue here is do you really need to gain weight? As in, are you underweight, right now?

Since you mentioned Losartan and high blood pressure, it is very important that you know it is not safe to gain excess weight, when you have such a cardiac condition, because extra weight is very taxing on your heart and circulatory system, so it could worsen such a condition, and cause new ones to occur. The American Heart Association has some great information available on this topic.

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Tina Says:

Am an acute bp and type2 diabetes patient with a lot of drug prescriptions. Can I take cb1 wights gainer?

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Carolyn Says:

Re: Tina (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

An I take cb1with diabetes pills ,an insulin,, blood pressure , an cholesterol, nerve?

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Vernon Williams Says:

Can I take CB1 weight gain medication with hot blood pressure medication

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