Can Cymbalta Cause Curly Hair

Michelle Says:

I've always had poker straight hair my entire life. As a little girl, my mom would try and put curls in my hair on picture day and by the time got to school, hair was totally straight again! I'm 44 & have been taking Cymbalta 60mg x 3 years. My hair started with kind of a "beachy" wave where today it looks like I've had a perm. All along I've thought this was hormonal changes but this curl seems consistent with the time I started taking Cymbalta. I'm just curious-I find it incredibly strange that medication can do this to your hair!! I've asked my psychiatrist and my OB/GYN about it. Psych said he doubts it & OB/GYN said she wasn't aware of meds that can curl your hair like this. Wondered if others on Cymbalta have found the same thing happen, etc.

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Michelle! How are you? What an odd occurrence.

However, medications have been known to cause hair changes, such as making curly hair become straight, making hair limp, making it greasy, causing hair loss, causing color changes, causing graying, so it is definitely not unheard of and is documented by both the FDA and NIH.

I've not heard of a medication making someone's hair suddenly become curly, but with all the other changes they can cause, I don't think it could be ruled out, either.

Has anyone else experienced something similar?

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Jenny Says:

Hi Michelle - same thing happened to me. My hair went from quite straight to lovely soft curls. Unfortunately, since having gone off the Cymbalta last summer my hair is back to being straight.

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Tapdancer Says:

The same thing happened to me exactly!! My hair got curly and I sweat profusely!!

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Michelle Says:

Wow!! I'm 45 & have been thinking I'm in the beginning stages of menopause with being so warm/sweaty!!! How odd is this??!!?!!!?!?

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chrizzy Says:

You could be, I started my menopause at 42. I blamed valium withdrawals, as I was withdrawing from valium at the time. I am again now, but thats for another thread.
I used to have dead straight hair, however, when it got longer it got a bit wavy. I still have to put product in the fringe to stop it flopping in my face, but my hair has definitely got more of a kink to it with age.
If it's long, for instnace and I put a plait in, the end curls up, or if I put a ponytail in, it goes like a sausage, well not quite, but getting on for if you know what I mean

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BK Says:

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I just noticed 2 months ago that my usually straight, STRAIGHT hair has the most perfect curls, curls that I used to pay a fortune for with perms. The only difference in my life has been Duloxetine (generic Cymbalta) that I started about a year ago. Menopause is not a factor. Great side effect!

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Donna Says:

Hi Michelle,
I was on Cymbalta for 7 years and attributed the weight gain, hot flashes (really just consistently hot & sweating) and lack of energy to menopause as I was in my 40’s. I couldn’t figure out what was going on with my hair except to blame hormones as well as it went from straight to super curly. I believe I read it increases your estrogen level and this in turn can cause these issues. I was able to wean myself off it over a period of about 3 months and the withdrawal was horrible! I’ve been off it for about 2 years now and have gotten some of my energy back, have lost 40 of the 80 pounds it caused me to gain, still have some hot flashes but they aren’t nearly as bad and my hair is still curly but not as crazy curly as it was. Personally I think Cymbalta causes way more problems than it helps...

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Lynne Says:

I am having a similar experience with the same dosage of Cymbalta though one side of my head is definitely curlier than the other and I have been on 60 mg for a little less than a year. Wonder how many others might be experiencing this and if hairnreverts to straight when/if Cymbalta is discontinued.

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Lynne Says:

Re: Verwon (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Yes, I found this post as a result of putting in a search about Cymbalta causing curly hair. I have been taking it for about a year and a half and the last nine months has been fa 60 mg a day dosage. I had a very very slight wave to my hair, nothing you would notice, but now w the right side of my head is really curly and the left side is Somewhat curly, it would be nice if both sides would match!

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