Can Bactrim Ds Be Used For Ground Itch?

Itchy sick Says:

About two weeks ago I thought I got bitten by mosquito's in the back of my knee but as the days past the bites started to itch like crazy and is now they are the size of a dime, swollen and scabbed over but still itch, I also have noticed that I have tinnier bites in different places on my body. This past Sunday the 7th I started feeling sick in my stomach then on Monday I had diarrhea and noticed rice like partials in my bowels.
Today I went to my doctor and she had me go to labcorp and have a fecal test done, then my doctor told me it looked like ground itch so she prescribed me Bactrim DS 800/160,hydroxyzine HCL 25mg and mupirocin ointment. My stomach is constantly nauseated , I am asking will Bactrim kill the ground itch or should I be on something else for the issue.

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Verwon Says:

No, Bactrim is just another antibiotic, similar to the Mupirocin, but an oral one rather than being topical and it also will not kill the parasites that can cause ground itch.

Learn more ground itch details here.

What's required for that is an antihelminthic medication.

Did she mention why she wasn't prescribing one?

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Itchy sick Says:

First thanks so much for the information, second the doctor said that the Bactrim Ds would kill the parasite but for as I read it does not, so I guess I still have it but the symptoms have ceased somewhat, They did the tests on the stool sample and to this day I have not received any information on it, Yes i have called many of times to be told that I had to discuss the results with my doctor.Where to go from here i have no idea.

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she Says:

myson has a sinus infection.I have some bactin 800-160 ,would this hel his sinuses?I gt the bactrin from mydr. but could'nt take i,too harsh onmy stomach.ould he tak it?

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