Camber Generic Adderall Ir

LearningAsIGo Says:

Camber's new generic for Adderall IR 15mg is no good. Prior to it I got 10mg Adderall from CVS and it worked great! Just got a fill from Kroger since CVS was out of stock. The brand is from Camber and not only does it not work, it makes me feel unwell, sleepy and super irritated. It’s crazy how companies are able to differentiate in their generics like they do. This Camber brand just makes me want to go to sleep but I feel so unwell it’s hard to. I can’t focus at all on anything but how sick I feel. Don’t take this new stuff people and if you have what did you think?

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Optimistic Says:

Generic medication can vary up to 20% in strength from the name brand, so one could be 20% weaker and another 20% stronger than name brand, so that’s a huge difference. Please complain to the FDA. There’s an on line form for it. These companies (like Aurobindo) make fake meds and figure they can get away with it because who would even complain except people with a mental illness.

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Starlettevic Says:

Re: Optimistic (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

I took it today for the first time as Walgreens was out of my normal RX. I too feel like crap on the Camber version. I feel very out of it and very sleepy.

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Ang985 Says:

Re: Optimistic (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

20mg is worthless as well. It seems many pharmacies have made the switch to this brand. The only other generic I can define is mfred by Lannett.

Interestingly enough, Camber had a lawsuit filed against them in 2019 because one of their medications was “contaminated with a carcinogenic and liver-damaging impurity and that the medication was dangerous and worthless to the plaintiffs.”

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Little Flower Says:

I just got Camber 20mg IR and I am so sick. Sleepy, nauseous, headache, diarrhea, unfocused. It’s terrible. Feels like I took valium. Can’t replace until next month. I’m in shock.

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Kim D Says:

Kroger pharmacy also switched me to Camber generic IR in February 2022. I have been getting TEVA for four years from Kroger.Camber literally makes me sick. Physically. The same symptoms you describe. It does the opposite of what it is supposed to do. It makes me drowsy, but edgy and irritable, causes brain lock and inabilty to focus. I feel physically clumsy and just not “right.” I told my doctor and the pharmacy. My doctor will write fill with Teva generic when available. I don’t understand how these generic pharmaceutical companies can manipulate the pharmacist and pharmacies like this. I have been on the same dosage of generic adderal for 10 years. I have gotten some bad generics before when CVS or Walgreens couldn’t get Teva or Sandoz. They typically just didn’t work. The Camber generic makes me incredibly depressed as well. I am filing a complaint with the FDA.

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Kim D Says:

Re: Starlettevic (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

Yes. Exact same response I have to Camber. I told my doctor and pharmacist. Was on TeVa for four years. My doctor will write fill with Teva when available but if it’s not then I have to take their generic “soup du jour” I have been on adderal generic IR and have gotten ineffective brands in the past when pharmacies were out of Teva or Sandoz but Camber is not just ineffective it’s making me physically sick and depressed. I am going to file complaint with FDA this is ridiculous.

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Tevanooooo Says:

Last month i filled Teva which was 100% ineffective. And it’s usually a really good brand. But. A lot of people are complaining about it this year. This month I got Camber. I feel a head pressure feeling. However, it does work for me. Not the best generic, not the worst, IMHO

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stephwilll Says:

Please do file a report with the FDA about this. I just did, because I’ve had the same experience: the product not only is ineffectual, it’s downright detrimental. Here’s a link to the FDA page where you can submit complaints and comments:


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Jessica Says:

I'm having the same problem I'm on the 20 and the 5 MG and I've been on this new generic brand a month and I've been sick dark urine no engery and cannot function I've been on Adderall for 25 yrs and never have I had a reaction like this. Something is definitely not right

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Ever since my grocery store pharmacy has switched to Camber IR, I have a headache every single time I take one! This is crazy! I filed a report from the link posted (thank you other contributor!) I was hoping they would switch back to the other generic, but no go! I have to wait until my next refill!

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Ashley Says:

I just got camber for my booster and I did not like it. It made my heart race and my mouth very itchy. I got it from fred meyer because I get my XR there which is Shire brand which works great. I also had no focus on Camber

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Kim D Says:

Re: Jessica (# 9) Expand Referenced Message

I posted originally in March? I couldn’t take the headaches, irritability fatigue lethargy lack of focus and depression which came when Kroger switched from Teva after 4 years to Cambor/Camber. I reported it to my doctor and the pharmacy. My doctor’s office had several patients experiencing same. But Kroger was well it’s the cheapest so corporate makes the decisions. I switched my prescriptions back to Walgreens professional pharmacy after verifying they use TeVa. No problems since. I’m glad you commented I forgot about the weird darker, odorous scant urine in the morning. My whole body ached at night. That stuff is bad.

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c Says:

Re: Kim D (# 12) Expand Referenced Message

Thanks for all the posts; I thought I had covid - until I read about these side effects. Did anyone get lower abdominal cramps?

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Jan Says:

Re: c (# 13) Expand Referenced Message

Thank you all for writing about CAMBER adderall. I thought something was seriously wrong with me. My biggest problem was the severe fatigue, I can't stay out of bed! I have also had extreme heartburn and upset stomach and nothing seems to help it. I have also had depression! A favorite song came on the radio last night and I instantly burst into tears...for no reason! I realized that all of my health problems started at the same time, about 1 month ago...when I refilled my adderall and received it from CAMBER, (for the first time) On a whim, I decided to do an online search for "Problems with Adderall from CAMBER". I was amazed when several pages of complaints against CAMBER Adderall came up. Thanks again to all who wrote in... now I know I'm not a hypochondriac!!!

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Rick J Says:

Do not accept Camber as a new generic for Adderall. It will make you sick and the headache it produces will keep you incapacitated as it did to me. I am in withdrawal as I can not get LANNETT OR TIVA generic Adderall.

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Jill Says:

I’ve been taking adderal for 15 years and I’ve never had such a terrible reaction to a medication. I actually went to get a Covid test… i was overwhelmingly tired, had a sore throat from the horrible dry mouth, headache and so on. I noticed today that I also became very itchy and flush about 20 mins after I took it. I am most definitely having an allergic reaction most likey to the inactive ingredients. It happened one a long time ago. I’m calling my insurance to see if they will allow my doctor to write for the brand name. Has anyone tried this?

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Caitlin Says:

I’ve been on Teva generic Adderall for years and my last 2 months my pharmacy filled my RX with Camber even though before I got my last refill I told them I noticed that they changed my brand/mfg and asked them why? The guy I was talking to just said, “We fill whatever we have in stock” and didn’t offer the info about how I can request my previous brand/mfg… was kind of an ass about it, honestly, but I was hoping to get my Teva back when I went to get my RX since ass on the phone didn’t even bother to offer to check what they had in stock if I wanted or anything basically rushed off the phone after I asked him why it changed…

Anyways I’m not happy about this s*** at all, I’m literally taking my RX as prescribed and I feel like I can’t focus or function at all, I can’t stop yawning, and I feel like it’s pretty much worse than not taking my meds at all… at least when I don’t take my meds & I’m yawning I can drink a RedBull, Wild Cherry Pepsi, or something with 7 shots of espresso and I can kinda function as well as an unmedicated ADD person can but at least I’m not yawning all the time anymore… I take my Camber and drink my Starbucks with 7 shots of espresso and I still can’t quit yawning, I looked into this the first time I got my RX and noticed it wasn’t my normal brand/mfg and saw similar complaints but I was still going to try it out and form my own opinion… well after asking why it was changed and ass on the phone was, well, an ass about it, I talked to my doctor about the whole situation today between not feeling like I’m used to it or something I showed her a comment about the brand/mfg they switched me to when I was looking for my previous brand/mfg and she saw other people that had the same/similar outcomes for Camber involuntarily being their meds for the month and she reassured me that I wasn’t the only one that felt like that so it’s not me and she was going to write for them to fill it with Teva so I can function and focus again… not to mention stop wasting money since I have 1.5 months of medication that doesn’t work for me and the one result I usually have from taking it is a headache… so basically Camber is s*** for me. I also see that in a bunch of comments that people are having trouble with their Camber Adderall people are filing complaints with the FDA. I hope this helps.

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Annemarie Says:

Re: Starlettevic (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

I myself got the Camber adderall and its horrible. It makes me dizzy, sick and doesn't work

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NotAJunkie77 Says:

Re: Optimistic (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Just started on camber, been taking Adderall since 2002. I have taken every brand. It's in your mind. Absolutely about what you perceive to remember Adderall to be from past experiences. Cambers IR 30 offers a solid 7 hours of work, and I see that you guys love 4-6. I'm a 6' 225 pound man with a tolerance. I just know what to look for.

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Ang985 Says:

Glad to hear you’re having a positive response. However, there is no need for you to insult those of us who have not had a good reaction to the medication. Many of us went a month or more without medication because we could not take Camber.

I do find it interesting, though, that you sought out this conversation and chose to insult people rather than just share your positive experience.

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