Calvepen Tabs 666mg

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Prescribed for a sore throat

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Verwon Says:

This medication is unavailable in the U.S. and I am sorry to say that other countries do not regulate their prescription drugs as strictly as the FDA does. That said, finding information on them is very difficult, since there are no databases which list them all, like there are for U.S. prescription drugs.

The only thing I can suggest is that you try asking your doctor or pharmacist for more information.

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Eoin Daly Says:

was prescribed 21 of these and cant remember why, i still have them because i go better without them!

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jill daly Says:

i am on a prescribed course of calvepen 666mg, one to be taken 4 times a day.
i went to the doctor with painfully swollen glands and all over body aches.
it seems to be clearing up quite nicely. however, i am experiencing some strong side effects. the tablets seem to knock me out for hours, sleeping for 12 hours at a time.. really deep sleep. and when i wake up i feel rather nauseous and disorientated... it usually passes after a while, and i'm sure that's just because the meds are working!

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Hazel Says:

I wa prescribed this for swollen glands, tonsilitis and all over aches. I take four a day and it makes me quite tired, slightly unbalanced and when I sleep I sleep for hours and it is also very deep.

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racdun Says:

I was also prescribed these for sore throat and chest infection. Could not understand why I was so extremely tired and somewhat disorientated the last few days. Now I know, must be a side effect of tabs.

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Bluemoon Says:

Yeah, I am glad to have this website as I had a sore throat and I was adviced to take those. I have taken antibiotics before but they never made me feel dizzy like those do. Well about the tiredness, I think all antibiotics tend to bring this effect.

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Adam Says:

i've been prescribed calvepen and am 2 days into the course but no signs of fatigue tiredness or anything abnormal hsve shown up

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ANNE B Says:


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Ronan S Says:

I have been prescribed Calvepen too, 3 a day for 10 days. Half way through and no side effects. If anything I am sleeping less. Just hope they clear up my throat.

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viv Says:

ive been taking them 4 times a day for two days now. got them because ive got tonsillitis. they make me sleepy, i keep losing my balance and i keep getting chest pains. the pains get worse every-time i take them but my throat is getting better. i wanted to find more info on them because my doc prescribed 3 diff thing that were taken on the Irish market while i was on them because they damaged peoples livers

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Ronan S Says:

These tablets done nothing for my throat, I had to take a trip back the doctors and I prescribed Klacid Forte 500MG tabs. These seem to be working, still have two days to go.

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Trish Says:

I am on these for sore throat - am feeling dizzy too. Find them v strong. Have a weeks course of 3 a day. Hope I can still a bit of training with them. Anybody else train on them.

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Nic Says:

have a throat infection and got them prescribed to me today. the doctor said i should feeel the effects immediately, but its been over 14 hours since i took the first one, and nothing. am taking 3 per day for 10 days. i hope they work

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Mike Says:

On these tablets 4 a day for an initial 7 days but could be extended for a second week I was told. They were subscribed for tolsillities, swollen glands and general flu like symptoms. Took about 12hours before they began to kick in. On them 3 days now and glad to say they are working. Am tired but have no dizziness!

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Mujahed Says:

i am taking itfor last 3 days and i am feeling extreamly short of breath

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Rachel Says:

I literally just got these today and supposedly I have to take 6 a day? my throats not even that bad? Could this be wrong? I think the chemist mean to write 3 times a day but said take two 3 times a day?

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Dana Says:

Rachel-- count out how many pills you have total. If taking them 6 times a day equals less than 5 days, it might be wrong. I'm not a doctor, but 6 seems like a lot.

Have also been prescribed them, 4 a day for 5 days. This is my third antibiotic in a month and a half. The doctor refuses to give me an antibiotic for more than 5 days, and I swear that's why I'm still sick. Does anyone else think 5 days is a little short?

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Lca Says:

I just completed a course of calvepen 666mg 4 a day for 10 days for scarlet fever (a throat infection) and only side effects were really dry skin and less energy. No difference in sleeping. My doc did say u need 10 days of tablets to totally clear it when there's a bacterial throat infection (strep bacteria)

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katherine Says:

iv been put on this as a last resort to clear up a nasty throath infection, they are my third set of anti biotics, prescribed a course for one week 3 times daily and after once a day for 8 weeks, i find i have no energy at all and hardly any apetite, and if i stand up too quickly i get quite dizzy, cannot wait to be finished!!!

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Dave L Says:

I am taken these tablets and on 3 a day for 7 days, on my third tablet and fellen quite nasuated and dizzy already..

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